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Why do men like to embarrass women?

Posted in Gender Equality by wiig on October 15, 2005
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Kaieteur News – October 15, 2005

Dear Editor,

I find it difficult to understand a situation that has been recurring all the time. Why do some men assume they can do certain things?
On 13th of October, 2005, as a student resident on the University of Guyana , Turkeyen Campus, I was going to the Information Technology building. I came out of the dormitory’s road and had to pass three men cleaning a trench situated just after the road I came out of.

As I approached these workers, I ignored them and walked pass without a word. Just then, one of them said loudly, “Wah yuh gat yuh face su ugly fuh?”

The second one added, “She na musee get am good last night wit he! Yuh na no duh. She na musee get am good!”

I was very embarrassed, because I don’t have much of a ‘social life’ and my reputation is not one on the negative side. What makes it worse is that some people think that when country girls come up to the University of Guyana , their reputation goes from good to bad. I really don’t understand why they take pleasure in throwing all sorts of ugly remarks at us and think it is so ‘right.’

I am sure everyone has some female relative. How would they feel if people go about making vulgar remarks about their female relatives , especially if they are from decent homes?

I know there isn’t anything that can really be done but I want to share my views, because I really don’t find it appropriate for men to have this amount of privilege!

Concerned Victim

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  1. big toe said,

    some people think freedom of speech allows them to say what ever they please this is not so …Look up freedom of speech and become familiar with what you can not say … then call the cops when some one says something to you that they have no right to …

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