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Police among participants at domestic violence workshop

Posted in Crimes against Women,Law Enforcement by wiig on October 29, 2005
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Stabroek News – October 29, 2005

Domestic violence, which continues to be of grave concern in the society, was the focus of a just-concluded workshop at Help and Shelter and involved police ranks, among others.

About twenty persons from the Police Complaints Authority (PCA), the Guyana Police Force and the Prison and Fire Services attended the workshop and used the forum to air concerns as well as make suggestions on the issue.

On Thursday, Cecil Kennard, Chairman of the PCA and former Chancellor of the Judiciary, opened the two-day session. Previously, he had approached Help and Shelter to conduct a mediation workshop for his staff, among others in the field.

The group explored several ways in which they could better deal with complaints of domestic violence taking into consideration the victim’s feelings.

Among the concerns raised were the accuracy of many reports in light of subsequent investigations, and the issue of people making reports and abruptly withdrawing them.

Earlier the group discussed domestic violence and looked at the recent escalation in the number of women killed as a result.

Help and Shelter counsellors Dennis Cuffy and Karen Gomes facilitated the workshop. Gomes said she was particularly impressed with the way in which the group freely discussed the issues.

Wanda Gibson of the PCA said after the session that she now feels more equipped to deal with people when they turn up at the office to make complaints.

On any day, she said, people would show up in their numbers so the staff really needed the training. Along with Gibson, six other staffers from the PCA participated in the workshop.

So far this year, about 33 women have been killed, many of the deaths stemming from domestic violence.


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