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Reform sexual offences legislation -Help & Shelter/Red Thread

Posted in Activism,Legislation by wiig on November 26, 2005
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Stabroek News – November 26, 2005

There is need for sexual offences legislation to be reformed after meaningful public consultations, and the findings should be respected by being used to guide the reform, according to Help & Shelter and Red Thread.

The two organizations, in a joint press release to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, are also calling on the Commissioner of Police to fulfil the commitment by the Guyana Police Force to establish domestic violence and child abuse units in the force with public monitoring.

Next year, which they noted is an election year, they pledged to “act with determination to ensure that domestic violence and other issues wrongly marginalised as ‘women’s issues’ are not allowed to remain off the national agenda.”


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