Women's Issues In Guyana

Increasing violation of sanctity 
of women is horrendous

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on December 22, 2005
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Kaieteur News – December 22, 2005

Dear Editor,

As I open the newspaper every day, I am disheartened and sad to read about the increasing number of rape, sodomy and carnal knowledge committed on women and children.

How would a little child who has had her chastity violated be able to live the rest of her life? For these unfortunate individuals, it is most obvious that they will be scarred for life.

Undoubtedly, they will suffer emotional, mental, and physical pain and anguish. Is there justification and satisfaction for the victims of such immoralities? If the perpetrator(s) is/are caught, should these offenders be allowed bail?

In some countries, such horrendous and abhorrent acts result in severe and harsh punishments.

The time has come for us to implement a system that requires rigid and unrelenting punishment for offenders. No man has so far been able to experience the pain of childbirth.

This aspect alone should make us respect and honour women instead of abusing and obliterating them. Men should realise that they came out of the womb of a woman.

To violate their sanctity is indeed a grievous sin in the eyes of God the Almighty.

A real man is one who treats women with respect, pride and dignity and fulfils his duty by caring and protecting them.

Come on, men! We can do better!



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