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The deflowering of very young girls

Posted in Commentary,Crimes against Women by wiig on January 29, 2006
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Kaieteur News – January 29, 2006
My column – by Adam Harris

Yesterday alone the Kaieteur News ran two reports of men sexually abusing children. One of them has since pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. The other has pleaded not guilty and he is awaiting trial having been remanded to prison.

These are just two cases of something that has become endemic in the society. It is as if grown men can no longer attract women their age and so they prey on very young children. I doubt that it is a case of what happens in some country where diseased men fervently believe that if they have sex with a very young virgin they will be cured.

Some years ago, a Lodge resident lived with a woman who had an eight-year-old child. Her reputed husband sexually molested that child and the woman kept her mouth shut.

Neighbours later said that she feared that she would lose whatever money he brought in to keep the home alive.

There is a saying that “God does not sleep”. That man ended up being charged with the rape murder of a Bartica woman. He got off but today he is a physical wreck who drags himself through the streets of Georgetown with nowhere to go and all day to find his destination.

Then there was the man who sexually molested a girl who was preparing to write her Secondary Schools Entrance Examination. Neighbours spotted him one day and intervened. The magistrate’s court found that there as enough to have the matter heard in the High Court and indeed a judge sentenced the man to 20 years in prison. The man won on appeal.

All over the country we have this sickening trend of grown men sexually molesting young children. Just a fortnight ago, a man, in obvious distress, called me to inform me that there was a very young girl who would be seen begging in the vicinity of Nigel’s Supermarket.

He claimed that one day he saw a grown man beating her and chasing her from the area. He also said that this same grown man and his friends would perform sex acts on the girl and he wondered whether there was anything that I could do to help this child.

It turned out that the child’s grandmother admitted that she would send the child out to beg. She could not care about what happened to the child during the begging process.

Child prostitutes are also here in this country. At one time such a phenomenon was thought to be something that happened in Asian countries. Grown men with wives and children much older than the very children who become the object of sexual attention prey on these little children.

I would not try to seek answers to the kind of sexual pleasures men would have from very young girls. I know about paedophiles. They represent yet another quirk of nature.

I remember being in court when Justice Claudette Singh sentenced a man who betrayed his stepdaughter’s trust.

This man was supposed to be man of the cloth. Surely there could not have been too much cloth around the lower portion of his body because his stepdaughter simply replaced her mother. The man got a long jail term after he threw himself at the mercy of the court. He had maintained his innocence until the girl testified.

Such cases are far more widespread than we would want to believe. I recently went to the headquarters of the Adult Education Association and learnt that many of the girls now seeking to enhance their academic standings actually dropped out of school because of sexual molestation within the home.

I could not understand it until I spoke to some of the girls. They spoke of stepfathers waiting until then mother had turned their back and then make their sexual advance. In some cases the girls surrendered because they knew that their mother would blame them anyhow.
But there were those who put up a fight and even moved to the streets to avoid the unwanted sexual attention. One girl even had to turn to a lecturer at her school for help. Her stepfather made his advance and the girl rushed to her lecturer who then confronted the stepfather.

It might have been the fear of a beating or the fear of incarceration, I know not which, but the girl eventually got some peace.

And what is most worrisome is that these acts of child rape are closer to home that one may want to believe. I have an aunt who lives in New York . She mothered three children having borne them for her childhood sweetheart who lived in Buxton and worked as a postal clerk.
Her three children were all born in the United States . What I did not know was that my aunt’s husband actually sexually molested one of his daughters. I knew long after the girl was freed of a murder charge in Brooklyn .

To my consternation, my aunt knew but said nothing. She is divorced today but I was never brave enough to discuss the matter with her. How could a man get the ‘hots’ for his own daughter?

But this obsession with young girls does not augur well for the future women of this country. Criminals enter homes and rape their victims. Not so long ago they had their way with an 11-year-old who later could only lie on a couch in a comatose state. I don’t even want to think about the kind of woman she would turn out to be. And she would not be alone.

In addition to this extremely painful introduction to the world of sex, the child is often severely injured largely because of her lack of development. Then there is the trauma involved with the act. The child is spoiled for life.

It would have been a good thing if we could have had a law that would have rendered the child rapist incapable of performing the sex act ever again but we would say that we are a decent people and not barbarians, although one is hard pressed to find a name other than barbarian for the men who molest and deflower children.

Small wonder that more and more women are turning to other women for their sexual pleasures.


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