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Abused woman stabbed again by partner

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on March 7, 2006
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Stabroek News – March 7, 2006

It has been nearly a year since domestic violence victim, Sheron Anthony broke free of her abusive partner and started a life of her own but the man tracked her down on Saturday last and came close to ending her life again.

Stabbed repeatedly in the face, neck and leg, Anthony lay bleeding on the floor of her East Ruimveldt home after the vicious attack. Luckily, someone intervened and managed to save the life of the young mother who was later rushed to the hospital where she was a patient up to yesterday.

Her aggressor who carried out a similar attack on Anthony in April 2005 fled the scene and is again on the run. When he brutally slashed Anthony in the face last year, the man went into hiding and police attempts to locate him failed.

Relating from her hospital bed yesterday how the attack happened, Anthony told Stabroek News she was at home when the man just appeared. He was armed with a knife and initially, Anthony was not aware of this.

At the first sight of him, Anthony said she reacted and made a run for it but the man somehow got to her and started stabbing. She raised an alarm and a friend who was at the residence at the time intervened. Anthony said she just remembers being rushed to the hospital after that.

Speaking candidly yesterday, the woman said she is not even sure reporting the matter to the police would help. The police response to her last attack was less than inspiring so Anthony said she is still undecided as to whether she would report the matter.

At the moment, she feels hurt and is deeply regretful of ever getting involved with the man. Though they have five children, Anthony said she has walked away from the relationship and has no intention of going back.

“I am kind of lost for words right now. I don’t even know what to say”, Anthony said from her hospital bed yesterday.

After ten years of living as a couple and enduring abuse at the hands of her partner, Anthony left her Linden home and came to the city to restart her life. In the interview last year, she had revealed that she took many beatings at the man’s hands which forced her to leave.

When she took refuge at a relative’s home in Georgetown, the man caught up with her and it was there that Anthony was attacked. She was chatting with a friend at the time and he just pounced on her and started stabbing.

Many women have endured repeat attacks at the hands of abusive partners.


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