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Not guilty verdicts for two accused of rape

Posted in Crimes against Women,Judicial by wiig on March 18, 2006
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Guyana Chronicle – March 18, 2006

Ian Knights, 35, and Bryan Chester, 33, were lucky to be let off with not guilty verdicts yesterday after the Virtual Complainants told the Court that they had forgiven their attackers.
 In the case of Knights, who was charged for allegedly committing the offence at the Stabroek Municipal Market in January 1999, the victim told the Court, “I am in school. I want to get on with my studies and move on with my life.  Because of religious reasons, I have forgiven the accused for what he had done to me”.

In respect to Chester, the victim, who was also assaulted in 1999, told the judge, “I am pregnant. Having regard to my condition, I do not think it will be healthy for me to pursue this matter. I have forgiven him.”
 Prosecutor Donelle Harding had caused jurors to be empanelled for both cases before Justice James Bovell-Drakes.
 As a consequence, the judge directed the jury in each case to return not guilty verdicts in favour of the accused.


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