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Alleged sex abuse stepfather flees with family

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on June 9, 2006
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Stabroek News – June 9, 2006

Welfare officers from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security were prevented from investigating alleged physical and sexual abuse of some girls by their stepfather as the man reportedly got wind of their impending visit and fled with the family, according to Permanent Secretary, Trevor Thomas.

Stabroek News had received a letter from “concerned mothers” at Pearl and Sarah Johanna villages on the East Bank Demerara who alleged that the man has been abusing the girls, aged between 14 and nine, for a number of years.

This newspaper immediately contacted the ministry’s welfare department and sent a copy of the letter to the relevant authorities.

According to Thomas, his officers informed him that since receiving the letter they have been visiting the home “day and night” but always found the house tightly locked.

The officers have approached the ranks from the Timehri Police Station for assistance and they have joined the search for the man, the children and their mother.

Thomas told Stabroek News that they received information that the man has a farm up the Demerara River and the police made checks there, but did not find him.

According to the letter, the mothers are “saddened by the slave treatment” meted out to the three girls on a daily basis by the man. They alleged that the stepfather impregnated the eldest girl, aged 14. They said the children’s mother knew of the abuse, which has been going on for about four years. She reportedly told the girls that if the man went to jail they would starve. They alleged that the eldest girl did domestic work around the village and when she was paid she purchased clothes for herself and sisters. The mothers said that the youngest roams the village for a little “food here and there,” and they are not allowed any friends.

“He would get the mother drunk and have sexual pleasure with the girls one after the other. Sometimes (name given) would hide in the wardrobe to get away from him but that does not stop him. (Name given) the eldest is presently pregnant for him,” the mothers said.

The girls are not registered and do not attend school.

“Our hearts go out to these kids. A few years ago some public-spirited person tried to assist after seeing the children being beaten with electric wires in order for the stepfather to do what he wants with them. They were in touch with the welfare officer who advised the Timehri police to arrest the man,” the letter said.

They said that the man was arrested but the case was handled “badly” as the girls and the mother were questioned in the same room with the man. The mother had warned the girls that if they talked against him he would kill them and the children were not taken to the doctor and examined.

“We felt that this could have stopped if it was dealt with correctly,” the mothers lamented.


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