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Performed fifteen terminations on girls in GNS

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on June 24, 2006
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Stabroek News – June 24, 2006

Dear Editor,

I read Mr Kissoon’s article of Sunday, June 18 in KN, and his comments on the Guyana National Service. I was a practising gynaecologist during the time of the National Service. While I am in support of some form of National Service in Guyana in some structured way, I know that there were many irregularities that occurred. I have personally performed fifteen terminations of pregnancies on young girls who alleged that they were raped whilst serving in the National Service. I am sure other gynaecologists may have similar experiences – but who could one have complained to? Party paramountcy was everywhere, including the police and the judiciary. Fear and uncertainty were the order of the day – now replaced by demoralization and frustration at the rape of the country by politicians.

I cannot begin to tell you how demoralized these girls were – not to mention the anguished state of the parents.

Yours faithfully,

M Y Bacchus

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