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Still photos appeared to be consensual sex – Minister Shadick clarifies

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‘Ministry has not turned blind eye to pornography reports’

Stabroek News – July 26, 2006

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Bibi Shadick, maintained yesterday that the two still photographs which she saw during the uproar over an alleged rich men pornography ring appeared to be of consensual sexual activity.

The minister called a press conference yesterday to publicly “clarify” a statement attributed to her in a Kaieteur News report in connection with reports of girls being drugged, raped and then photographed which has drawn widespread criticism.

The minister told the media yesterday that two words were taken out of a statement she made to misconstrue what she said. The newspaper, among other things, said the minister had said that the girls who claimed they were drugged and raped by members of a pornographic ring appeared to be willing participants.

“What I saw seems to be voluntary sexual activities,” the newspaper quoted the minister as saying during an interview. (more…)


Peeping Tom: Not the police

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Kaieteur News – July 10, 2006

The young girls who were allegedly raped, seduced or drugged, and then forced into lewd sexual acts cannot be expected to simply present themselves to the Guyana Police Force for their matters to be investigated, as one senior police officer would like to happen.

What are the alleged victims going to do? – present themselves to a police station and report their rape to an institution that has not demonstrated the desired level of warmth towards rape victims?

How many of these girls are going to walk into a police station knowing that they risk being ridiculed or greeted with insensitive comments?

Our police force is not trained to deal sensitively with these matters. Their investigative capacity to deal with these types of crimes is poor. This has been one of the reasons why there is a reported high incidence of unreported rape in Guyana . (more…)

Rape victims should come forward – Greene

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Kaieteur News – July 09, 2006

The administration intends to pursue to finality, the matter involving a group of wealthy young men who have reportedly been drugging and raping young women.

This is according to a Government official in an invited comment yesterday.

Kaieteur News recently featured articles describing the seduction, drugging and rape of what appears to be local teenage girls.

Photographs of a young female in the nude were posted on a website, showing her performing a sexual act with males.

Two young men were identifiable in the photos.

It is believed that the perpetrators belong to wealthy Guyanese families and want to damage the image of unsuspecting females. (more…)

It’s time to jail those rich rapists

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Kaieteur News – July 9, 2006

We have legislation governing the abuse of women but quite often the authorities cannot apply these laws because the victims either decline to lead evidence or accept compensation from the perpetrator.

Sometimes the compensation appears inadequate but the financial state of the parents often makes any sum of money appear to be substantial. Yet every time a parent accepts compensation the victim is left with a damaged psyche. That victim is forced to live in the society and must often face the perpetrator from time to time.

We have in our midst a large number of girls and young women who have been the victims of sexual abuse. These young women over time established liaisons with men whose parents swam in money and who, because of their parents’ wealth, behaved as though they were above the law.

This has been going on for some time and it was only a few days ago that Kaieteur News stumbled upon a web site posted by these very perpetrators with the intention of embarrassing some of their victims and keeping those in their clutches under their perpetual control because no young woman would want the wider world to see her in compromising positions. (more…)

Drugs, rape and blackmail…Victim of porno ring tells her story

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Kaieteur News – July 8, 2006

“He was nice to me…he treated me well…but that was a trap to rape me.”

These were the words of a young woman who related to Kaieteur News yesterday her ordeal at the hands of a group of wealthy young men, who are said to be at the centre of a drugging and blackmailing scheme.

The young woman claims that five of the boys, whose fathers are well-known businessmen, raped her after luring her to a house.

She said that the ‘worst’ experience of her life began some five years ago, when she was 15 years old.


Pornography in Guyana

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Kaieteur News – July 4, 2006

Dear Editor,

Sunday (02-07-06), I saw the unbelievable; a locally produced porn video.

The video has been in circulation for approximately three months and can be obtained at a few video clubs in Georgetown .

The video has four stars-two males and two females (Indians and Blacks). What is even more mind-boggling is the fact that girls are minors.

What ever happen to the morals and values which took precedence over the lives of our youth?

I hope the authorities take appropriate action since the production and distribution of such a video is illegal.

S. Zulu