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It’s time to jail those rich rapists

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on July 9, 2006
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Kaieteur News – July 9, 2006

We have legislation governing the abuse of women but quite often the authorities cannot apply these laws because the victims either decline to lead evidence or accept compensation from the perpetrator.

Sometimes the compensation appears inadequate but the financial state of the parents often makes any sum of money appear to be substantial. Yet every time a parent accepts compensation the victim is left with a damaged psyche. That victim is forced to live in the society and must often face the perpetrator from time to time.

We have in our midst a large number of girls and young women who have been the victims of sexual abuse. These young women over time established liaisons with men whose parents swam in money and who, because of their parents’ wealth, behaved as though they were above the law.

This has been going on for some time and it was only a few days ago that Kaieteur News stumbled upon a web site posted by these very perpetrators with the intention of embarrassing some of their victims and keeping those in their clutches under their perpetual control because no young woman would want the wider world to see her in compromising positions.

Gang rape is nothing new but until now, those who gang raped ended up before the courts. There was the four-man gang from Agricola who raped a young woman at a location close to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport . They were reported, tried and duly convicted to lengthy prison sentences. Two of them have since died in prison.

But for this group of young male animals the thought of prison is most remote. One of them was said to have presented himself to the victims as a member of the notorious ‘Phantom’ walking around with two or more handguns and threatening the victims with unimaginable harm if only one word of the rape is ever mentioned.

We know that money can often attract the less fortunate and in our midst there are many young women who would do just about anything to be able to afford the trappings of a high society lifestyle. This must have led many of them into the clutches of the rich male animals who have had their way with hordes of young women, some of whom are university students and others, working girls struggling to make ends meet even as they try to keep up with the so-called hip crowd.

One man would befriend a woman and after having his way with her, would take her to a location where his friends would be lying in wait for their share of her body. It would not be surprising to find a number of mentally ill young women, victims of sexual abuse and even rape walking the streets. It is also not surprising that AIDS is so rampant.

We have been able to identify one house in the Kitty/Campbellville area where many of the sex acts and photography occurred. We have found out that some women willing engaged in the sex act with the man she thought had some feelings for her only to find out that she had to service a host of her paramour’s friends almost simultaneously.

We have spoken to some of these women. One of them, after showing the house in which she was raped and photographed, literally became ill. She spoke of the fear of being killed because this so-called Phantom named Christopher actually threatened her life.

Others equally callous have gone further. They often threatened to expose the hapless women to her parents and friends. Shame is the prime weapon here and many a woman remained in the clutches of the predator, fearful of the unwanted exposure that came never the less.

Throughout life men were brought up to respect women. Their mother would implore on them the need to treat every woman as though that woman were his mother. Some of them have sisters. We wonder what the reaction of these male beasts would have been had their sisters been treated in the same manner they have treated these women. The victims have been forced to perform oral sex, been sodomised and subjected to many other forms of sexual abuse, all of which have been documented on tape and film.

Not satisfied with the debauchery, the men have now placed the images on the internet for all to see.

We have asked the police to intervene. We have provided them with the necessary information. We still have the problem of convincing some of the victims to testify because the victims are scared.

The army and the police went after the drug lords. It is time they go after the sexually depraved rich males in our midst. We know that they started more than five years ago and one victim was good to try to warn off those she saw heading toward relationships with one or more of the rapists.

But there are so many others who like the fly, walked in the spider’s lair and paid the penalty. The society must protect those who have not yet become victims and the easiest way to do so is to remove the predators who, with money to burn and no need to work, have all the time to identify and prey on the hapless women.


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