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Rape victims should come forward – Greene

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on July 9, 2006
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Kaieteur News – July 09, 2006

The administration intends to pursue to finality, the matter involving a group of wealthy young men who have reportedly been drugging and raping young women.

This is according to a Government official in an invited comment yesterday.

Kaieteur News recently featured articles describing the seduction, drugging and rape of what appears to be local teenage girls.

Photographs of a young female in the nude were posted on a website, showing her performing a sexual act with males.

Two young men were identifiable in the photos.

It is believed that the perpetrators belong to wealthy Guyanese families and want to damage the image of unsuspecting females.

Guyana does not have laws governing information posted in cyberspace.

Speaking with Kaieteur News recently, Crime Chief Henry Greene said that in Guyana , a person could do almost anything on the internet and get away with it because the country does not have legislation to deal with cyber crimes.

“You could write something defamatory about somebody (on the internet) and nothing could be done,” Greene said.

The Crime Chief was responding to queries about the possible prosecution of individuals who recently posted pornographic photographs on a website, which is being accessed locally.

He is however asking that the women, who were reportedly raped by the young men, to visit him at his office.

Kaieteur News has spoken to a number of women who alleged that some of the young men involved in the posting of the picture on the internet had raped them.

One female told Kaieteur News that the perpetrators took pictures of girls they have sex with. The females are blackmailed with photos into having sex with the young men’s friends.

A parent whose son was named in the allegations said that whoever made the accusations might be out to exploit his family financially.

The well-known businessman, who said he brought his son up in a proper home, added that he knows his child will not participate in such acts.

One of the alleged perpetrators when contacted said: “I have not done anything illegal and I don’t know what everyone is talking about.”

Minister of Amerindian Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues is warning young people to drink responsibly whenever they go out with friends, especially those of the opposite sex.

“People have to be careful who they associate themselves with…many times you think that you trust people but you never know what they are capable of. I have heard of cases where girls go out to hangout and things happen to them,” Minister Rodrigues said.

When shown one of the Cyber-porn photographs, the minister described it as “terrible”.

She too agrees that there is very little that the law enforcement agencies here could do to the perpetrators.

“In many cases overseas…you see someone suing someone for putting private pictures on the internet. In Guyana pornography is illegal,” the Minister added.

She explained that if the victims were indeed drugged then the police should take immediate action.

“In some cases you may hear of someone being raped but then they don’t want anything to happen because they are scared to face a Magistrate and be cross examined, during which, in many cases, they feel far from the victim. Society has a lot to do with it. In many cases people may say ‘oh, I know her…she is always provocatively dressed,’” the Minister explained.

The Crime Chief noted that the police can deal with pornographic videos.

“It is prohibited but prosecution can only be successful if we could prove who made it. It is not straightforward,” he said.

Yesterday, another female, who told Kaieteur News of her encounter with the ‘clique’, took this newspaper to a house where she alleged that she was raped.

This newspaper also met another female who attempted to take her life after she was raped by the gang through seduction.

She however does not want her story to be published because of fear for her life.


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