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Cops go public on strippers

Posted in Culture & Society by wiig on September 23, 2006
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Guyana Chronicle – September 23, 2006

THE Police Force yesterday went public on the case of the Brazilian strippers charged with indecency in Georgetown, saying their arrest was part of a wider campaign against “unlawful activities”.

In a statement issued after the women again appeared in court, the Police Force said it wished “to place on record the facts relating to the arrest of the five Brazilian women, which seems to have stirred the interest of certain sections of the media.”

They said the five charged with allegedly stripping in the Red Dragon Sports Bar in the city, were doing so in an illegal establishment, one of many they have raided over the past months in a continuing operation.

Aurelaide DeSouza, Maria Karlene CaVodoso, Patricia Conarata DeSilva, Kenis DeSausa Paira and Cristyelen Barros Primienta, appeared in court again yesterday and Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys set a trial date of November 3.

Placed before the courts under a charge of committing an indecent act, for dancing and stripping in the club, the women had earlier pleaded not guilty and were first remanded, before being later released on $35,000 bail.

The Police, in a statement yesterday, said neither the women nor their lawyers produced any evidence of them having lawfully entered the country, and they later preferred the relevant charges which have since been reviewed by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“Prior to charges being laid against the five women, the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions was sought in relation to offences established. Based on this advice the women were charged for doing an indecent act contrary to section 354 (a) of the Criminal Law Offences Act, Chapter 8:01,” the Police said.

The women were required to lodge their passports with the court to verify they were not illegal here, but according to their attorney, Mr. Anil Nandalall, the person who was keeping their passports has fled to Brazil and as such they have applied to the Brazilian Embassy here for new passports.

After he raised objections to the particular charge under which the women were brought before the court, Nandalall argued that new charges should have been read yesterday, but said this was not done.

The Police said the September 8 raid on the Red Dragon Sports Bar was one of many operations “aimed at checking on unlawful activities, including unlicensed premises where music and dancing activities are being conducted.”

Consequent upon these operations over the past months, Police said more than 22 places of entertainment were checked and so far 13 businessmen and women have been charged and placed before the courts.

Raymond Alli, who operates Red Dragon and lives above the bar, was found not to be in possession of the relevant music and dancing licence and was charged for this, Police reported.

Police said he appeared before Magistrate Gilhuys on September 12, pleaded not guilty and the matter is continuing.

But Nandalall, commenting on what the Police said, claimed that Alli possessed a licence to operate a hotel, and inherent in that licence is permission to operate a bar.

“He has a licence to operate a hotel, and as such, my respectful position is that he is not required by law to have another licence, with respect to dancing and playing of music because that is subsumed by the hotel licence,” Nandalall said.

The Police said their work is continuing and “if offences of any nature are detected, they will be dealt with accordingly.”


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