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ERC Multi-stakeholder Forum: Women seek change to Domestic Violence Act

Posted in Activism by wiig on October 30, 2006
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Kaieteur News – October 30, 2006

The Ethnic Relations Commission recently hosted its National Women’s Conversation at the National Cultural Centre as part of the Multi-Stakeholder Forum project.

Chief Executive Officer, Christine King, explained that the project includes bringing together women from various parts of the country to benefit from each other’s experiences and forging a sense of sisterhood.

The Conversation was held with the support of the UNDP Social Cohesion Programme.

King said the session was aimed at examining personal transformation with a pledge as to what women could do to improve their own lives and ultimately the quality of all life in Guyana .

UK Commission for Racial Equality Director of Strategy and Communication, Colleen Harris, addressed the gathering of 361 women representing women from varying socio-religious and economic backgrounds. (more…)


Those fiery deaths

Kaieteur News – October 10, 2006

Not for the first time a woman died because she got too close to the flames of a fire set to destroy a pile of rubbish. Others had gone into the kitchen with the highly flammable night clothing and perished. The people around said that the woman’s death was accidental but there have been cases where murders were disguised as accidents.

The Indian Government was forced to take action in wake of a spate of women dying by burning. The reports came fast and furious during the 1990s and investigations revealed that many of these burnings were murders. Families were burning brides because dowries were inadequate.

Having set the bride alight they would all report that the death was accidental with the victim coming too close to an open flame.

One of the things that people such as housewives should have learned from the time they were very little children was that loose-fitting clothing was not the required wear in kitchens or around large flames. If the flame is outdoors then the wearer would realise that all it would take for them to become engulfed in flames is a puff of breeze that would catch the garment and send one portion close to the flames. (more…)

Join us

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Stabroek News – November 25, 2006

Dear Editor,

PLEASE convey to Mr. Khemraj Singh my appreciation of his comments in yesterday’s letter columns.

It is because we have life, and we recognise that there is no point to having one life better than another, that we should speak out against sexism and violence.

Please extend an invitation to Mr. Singh and any other person who might think that it is childish to want to stop sexism and alcohol abuse to join us at Help & Shelter and understand the consequences of the problems.