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Who is doing the market research for Guyana?

Posted in Commentary,Culture & Society by wiig on November 9, 2006
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Kaieteur News – November 9, 2006

Dear Editor,

It was sickening to see, in sections of the print media of 7 November, 2006, that Digicel seems to be descending into the same realm of sexist marketing which characterises GT&T’s Cel star campaign.

The photograph of the three Digicel men fully covered, flanked by what one hoped would have been two female executives of Digicel on holiday, turned out to be the most sickening portrayal of the sexism used in advertising.

The women were Digicel girls, only there to provide enjoyment (to heterosexual men and lesbian women?) it seems.

It is insulting that the newest investor in Guyana believes that Guyanese society must be so depraved that women’s flesh must also be used to sell cell phones.

How come, in other parts of the civilized world, including in the Caribbean, advertising of cell phones can be done without commodifying the human body, especially women’s bodies. Who is doing the market research for Guyana?

Will we be seeing the Digicel executives in their shorts and tank tops also bouncing around with cell phones?

Come on, Digicel, you can raise the bar on advertising. Carnival atmosphere could be had by all types of people.

Don’t join GT&T in contributing to the problems arising out of sexism in our society.

Vidyaratha Kissoon


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