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Posted in Crimes against Women,Culture & Society by wiig on December 6, 2006
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Guyana Chronicle – December 6, 2006

Dear Editor,

IT IS incredible that one has to justify the abolition of flogging in this day and age, to no less than a doctor, an editor and to certain members of the public.

Corporal punishment teaches a child that violence is the solution to misbehaviour and can become a pattern of behaviour that is replicated in all of his relationships that follow.

The argument that corporal punishment is a deterrent or worked well in yesteryear is not the opinion of most sociologists or psychologists.

The assumption that most Guyanese are eager to retain corporal punishment is particularly sad, if true, but does not give the government the right to perpetuate this abuse.

Most Guyanese men and women think its ok to beat women, but I hardly think the government would condone that behaviour either.

Corporal punishment is archaic, immoral, backward and abusive.

It teaches violence as a solution and we all need to demand that the parliamentarians vote their conscience on Thursday and remove this odious practice from our halls of education.



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