Women's Issues In Guyana

Women tackle tough issues

Posted in Gender Equality,Politics by wiig on February 25, 2007
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NationNews.com (Barbados) – February 25, 2007

TIME WAS WHEN women on the campaign trail were an aberration.

They attracted more attention for their physical appearance than their thoughts on the issues.

This is no longer the case.

With women having led or in the drivers’ seat as heads of government in Britain, Germany, Chile, Dominica, Jamaica, Guyana, Canada, and Liberia; and with five women in the Barbados Cabinet, the novelty of women assuming high position while getting into the rough and tumble of the political trenches has worn itself out.

That may help explain why after 50 years the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is running four female candidates for the first time and why Opposition Leader David Thompson has vowed to place a woman in a DLP cabinet, also for the first time if the party wins the election. (more…)


25 girls to benefit from Gender Empowerment programme

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Kaieteur News – February 20, 2007

Twenty five (25) young girls between the ages of 15 and 19 will receive ‘Water, Sanitation and Minor Plumbing Repairs at the Guyana Industrial Training Centre (GITC) as part of a Gender Empowerment Training Programme hosted by four key organisations.

The Pan American Health Organisation/ World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour Human Services and Social Security will launch the training in the Auditorium of the Guyana Industrial Training Centre (GITC) on Woolford Avenue and Albert Street tomorrow.

This partnership between these agencies was established to provide training to the young girls since the UN Country team, recognises that there are a significant number of female single-parent households in Guyana , and seeks through this initiative to build the capacity of these families by providing training in the non-traditional skill of Plumbing.

The Course commences on Friday, March 2 and will conclude on the Monday, May 5.

After his affair: Moving on, moving out … and coming out of the closet

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Jamaican Observer, All Woman Column – February 19, 2007

SHE didn’t believe it. Even when his girlfriend confronted her in the middle of the Cross Roads market, hurled insults at her and described every item that was in her bedroom, she refused to believe. And she still lives with him. Still cooks his food and does his laundry, even after he admitted that yes, he enjoyed a brief relationship with the girl.

“I chose to stay,” Dianne Shaw-Bell tells all woman in an interview from her home. “You have a choice when this happens, when you’ve reached the lowest point in your relationship, when you realise that you’ve been betrayed in the worst possible way, you still have a choice to stay or to go. I stayed.”

Others leave.
Melanie packed her things the moment her husband admitted to his affair, got her friend’s truck, and moved everything she owned to her mother’s house. “I was worth better than that,” she said. “How dare he betray my trust.”

And still there are others who take another step. A drastic step resulting in them leaving the traditional relationship and entering another kind. (more…)