Women's Issues In Guyana

In Guyana there has traditionally been little respect for women’s rights, Red Thread must be congratulated

Posted in Activism,Gender Equality by wiig on April 5, 2007
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Stabroek News – April 5, 2007

Dear Editor,

Women have always been the foundation of the family, the core of values, and the pillar of society. I have seen my mother champion the social structure of our family when my father was careless about our own survival. My mother worked in rain and sun, side by side, and even more than my father did. As a kid myself and my brother were with her in the rice field planting rice with our hands and cutting rice with grass knives and oftentimes after school.

As a child, I watched her laboured, suffered and endured pain just to keep her family fed. She is still a remarkable woman. But she was not alone. I saw her alongside many other women in Leguan who struggled beyond compare. My father abused her and other men abused their wives. There is no recourse or protection for these women. Not even today.

Women have been and continue to be abused physically, mentally and emotionally. In Guyana, men rule and therefore, there is no consideration for women’s rights. Women are abused by the system itself where justice never sees them as the weaker party. It only sees them as casualties of their own misfortune. I am so pleased to see that women have started to take action in their own hands. I applaud the courage and resilience of the women of the Red Thread organisation.

The power of women is never given to them, they must demand it. They have a right to justice and respect like every other human being. There must be protection from sexual, emotional and physical abuse. The government’s duty is to ensure that human rights are respected across the board to all the minority groups. The respect for women starts within the home.

Mr President you are equally a husband and can relate to what I am talking about. But the discourse is useless if there is no genuine will to make women get equal rights. Why is this so hard to be given or are men afraid?

I would support any cause where women seek equal rights in the home, the workplace and in society as a whole. They should be respected for their important role in making society stronger. We cannot do without our mothers. They are the foundation on which our social structure is built. Let’s show them some love and respect they deserve it. Congratulations Red Thread women rock!

Yours faithfully,

Steve Hemraj


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