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There is much more sexual abuse from private sector employers

Posted in Business,Crimes against Women by wiig on April 6, 2007
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Stabroek News – April 6, 2007

Dear Editor,

I couldn’t agree more with Vishnu Bisram when he said that sexual predators should be made to experience a custodial penalty in conjunction with making monetary compensation to their victims.

In his letter captioned “Officials who demand sex for jobs or promotions should also be prosecuted” (07-04-04), he has told half of the story only, by focusing on public officials alone.

I wish to assure Mr. Bisram that every type of sexual offence takes place on a much higher scale in the private sector than in the public sector. In fact, due to the non-unionization of a large section of the private sector, the workers therein suffer much more at the hands of their employers who treat them as their personal property which they misuse and abuse.  

There are far more sexual predators masquerading as business people than those who are public officials. I spent some years working at the Ministry of Labour investigating such matters, and I must agree with Bisram that where sexual offences on the employment platform are concerned, the allegations are very often difficult to prove.

Be that as it is, it must be emphasised that it is not the public official who is the greatest villain. Rather, it is private employers. I recall a few short years ago where it was reported in our media that a private businessman in his capacity as the employer, raped a young lady on the first day on the job and offered a huge sum to settle the matter. I doubt whether we can find his equal amongst our public officials. Let us not beat up the public official alone.

Finally, I must say that I notice that lots of people tell Mr. Bisram lots of things when he visits Guyana. I think that he should visit Guyana more often or perhaps he may wish to re-migrate and help us discover and combat our social ills.

Yours faithfully,

Francis Carryl


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