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The Board is committed to the development of Women’s Cricket

Posted in Sports by wiig on April 26, 2007
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Stabroek News – April 26, 2007

Dear Editor,

In response to your request for comments on the letter captioned “Guyana Cricket Board has sidelined Women’s Cricket” I wish to state the following:

The integration of Women’s Cricket into the mainstream of WI cricket was based on a mandate from the ICC for this to be effected by June 2005. With regards to Guyana, numerous meetings/discussions were held with the local Women’s body after which it was decided that the GCB will absorb Women’s Cricket into its domestic cricket programme, with all affiliates being in-structed to schedule women’s cricket as part of their annual itinerary.

This did not progress as quickly as we expected and maybe is the cause for the type of concern indicated by the writer. Nevertheless the Board is committed to the development of all cricket at every level and will do its best to promote and develop cricket in keeping with its mandate.  

For the records, Mr Editor, the Board since it has assumed responsibility for the organising of women’s cricket has effected the following:

1) Facilitated the participation of our women at the double-wicket tournament held in Trinidad during 2006.

2) Initiated the playing of Women’s Cricket in schools during 2006 and allowed women cricketers to participate in GCB Board matches.

3) Placed Women’s Cricket as an agenda item for all of our monthly statutory meetings and there have been full discussions on the way forward.

4) Took a decision at the April statutory meeting not to send a team to the 2007 Senior WI Tournament since we feel enough groundwork has not been done and the women cricketers are not properly prepared. We will, however, participate in any upcoming junior women’s cricket tournament organised by the WI authorities.

5) Schedule our Inter-County Women’s Cricket Tournament for July/August this year.

Maybe the writer is unaware of these facts or is otherwise deliberately misleading on the subject of women’s cricket, a relatively new area of cricket administration. The Board is convinced that there is the talent out there in urban and rural areas which needs to be identified, harnessed and developed in an organised manner. We believe that women’s cricket provides a great op-portunity for young females to become actively involved in sport. What we need is the support of interested persons so that a reliable, meaningful, sustainable women’s cricket programme could be effected.

Yours faithfully,

Terry Holder

Public Relations Officer

Guyana Cricket Board


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