Women's Issues In Guyana

An unwanted perception of a people

Kaieteur News – April 28, 2007

Dear Editor,

I am really disturbed over the incident that took place outside of a night club on Sheriff Street 27 th March 2007. I fear for all Amerindians.

On March 4 th 2007 at 2:00pm an 18-year-old Amerindian girl was standing at the De-Hoop public road (Mahaica) awaiting transportation for her grandparents place. Up came a vehicle the driver (a young African man) pointed a gun to her to get in his vehicle she humbly did so, for fear of seeing a gun and lack of knowledge that she could have run.

The chauffeur drove her to Georgetown, all the while threatening her with the gun, took her to some place raped her, robbed her of her phone and money and dumped her at the seawall by the Pegasus.

She was not a sex worker and she was a virgin.  

I spoke to a reporter as soon as I learnt about this incident (I am a neighbour of the victim’s grandmother) and I thought that this reporter would have made his way to this victim, to see how traumatised this child was at the time. But no. He listened to the police at the Mahaicony Police Station who said that it wasn’t rape.

The matter was reported to Mahaicony where the police laughed, laughed and laughed, had a good time, then sent the child to Mahaica.

Mahaica took a report. Now when enquiries are made at Mahaica they say it is transferred to Georgetown. What has happened from then to now? The family hasn’t heard anything since.

Name withheld


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