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Man remanded for impregnating underaged girl

…accused vows to marry child

Kaieteur News – June 28, 2007

A man was yesterday remanded to prison for carnal knowledge of a 14-year-old girl who is now eight weeks pregnant.

According to the charge that was read to Navindra Jaisingh, 20, he began having sex with the girl between May 1 and June 16, 2007, at Land of Canaan , East Bank Demerara.

Before the matter moved to the chambers of Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle, attorney-at-law Mohamed Zafar told the court that the case was unique in that the man and the girl were in a relationship and it was not forced sex.

He further told the court that the girl and the man were preparing to wed with the blessing of her parents.  (more…)


New Domestic Violence Act regulations nearly ready

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Stabroek News – June 28, 2007

By mid next month the new regulations, which are currently being drafted under the Domestic Violence Act 1996 to make the act more effective, are expected to completed, Minister of Human Services & Social Security, Priya Manickchand has said.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) release, while the minister was speaking at a women’s forum at Hopetown Community Centre, West Coast Demerara, Region Five last weekend she said the act was good piece of legislation but there needs to be some amendments.

“We are in the process of finalising a National Policy on Domestic Violence. This policy will then be reduced into a National Plan of Action. These are things the government has to do, and is doing, but it’s up to you the women, to ensure you know your rights under the act and make use of it,” the minister was quoted as saying.   (more…)

Man suspected in attacks on Linden women held – trapped at night club

Stabroek News – June 23, 2007

A man suspected to be one of a number who has been attempting to rape women is now in police custody in Linden after wounding a rural constable.

According to information reaching this newspaper residents and community group members were on the lookout for the man at a popular night club ‘Black Face’ after one of his alleged victims said that she saw him on more than one occasion there.

The woman who said that she was attacked in her Wismar Housing Scheme home recently had said that she could have identified the man and community members were on the lookout for him. “We came out at Black Face Tuesday night fuh ketch he but he didn’t show up.” However he did turn up late Thursday night according to an eyewitness and when he did the dance ended.

Upon recognizing the man, the group, mainly women, surrounded him and raised an alarm. Everyone in the club came out and dealt the man a full share of blows. He was then apprehended by a licensed firearm holder who is also a Rural Constable. It was reported that the constable was in the process of questioning the man when he asked him if he had any weapon. In an attempt to search the accused he pulled out a long knife and wounded the constable across his chest. However the chain the man was wearing prevented the blade from causing serious injury.

However, the group was not intimidated by the wielding of the knife and they apprehended the man and took him to the Wismar Police Station where he was taken into custody.

A travesty of justice

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Stabroek News – June 23, 2007

During this week, a 47-year-old former member of the Guyana Defence Force was jailed for ten years on a manslaughter conviction. Some two years ago, he had stabbed and killed an 18-year-old teenage girl, who had repeatedly spurned his advances and who he had earlier been charged with raping. A report published in this newspaper on Thursday said that the mother of Omadela Peters, the dead girl, was so upset, she struggled to read a statement she had written and managed only to call the convict a murderer.

Despite the findings of the court, it would be difficult if not impossible to disagree with Omadela’s mother. The events that unfolded in Justice Jainarine Singh Jnr’s court since the trial of Leroy McKoy began can only be termed a travesty. McKoy had been charged with murder after he stabbed Omadela Peters twice in full view of several witnesses on a public street in her home village Ann’s Grove. It had been reported that the teenager was on her way home on a friend’s bicycle when McKoy approached them and ordered her off. When she refused, he pulled out a knife, stabbed her twice and ran away. He was pursued by villagers, caught and handed over to the police; an open and shut case of murder. There was no need for intelligence or forensics and McKoy was indeed charged with murder and after a preliminary inquiry placed on trial at the High Court. (more…)

Help and Shelter hosting `Salute to Mothers’

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Kaieteur News – June 21st 2007

Help and Shelter will be hosting its annual “Salute to Mothers” Garden Party on the lawns of the Georgetown Club, Camp Street on Sunday between 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

In addition to this fundraising activity, at around 6.15 pm on Sunday Help and Shelter will receive donations from Nadia Jagan of the Let’s Dance Studio and Kayleigh Burgess of The Charity Shop.

A statement from Help and Shelter said that while it receives funding from a variety of sources its “needs are great and the crucial financial gap continues to widen each year”.

It noted that 12 years ago a group of concerned citizens came together and vowed that no-one in danger of being abused should ever be alone and without refuge.

“Today we see the results of their vision; a shelter for abused women and their children and a crisis centre where anyone, male or female who is a victim” can be helped.

‘Nothing but lawlessness!’ – women remanded for Father’s Day weekend

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Guyana Chronicle – June 16, 2007

SEVERAL women will be in prison for the Father’s Day weekend after they appeared in court yesterday on assault charges.

Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys declared he was remanding every female defendant before him yesterday on charges of this nature in an effort to send a strong message.

“This is lawlessness! The reason for remanding them is because women never used to be fighting on the streets in times past. Why would they want to disgrace themselves on the road? It’s nothing but lawlessness”, the magistrate stressed.

The women, Alexis Richardson, Susan Richardson, Candacy Small, June Bowman, Oneeka Softley, and Tushanna Felix, were all on separate charges and each pleaded not guilty.

Another, charged with assaulting a pregnant woman, was also remanded to prison until Monday.

They are all due back in court on Monday.

Dem Boys Seh – Is sex killing people in Linden

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Kaieteur News – June 16, 2007

Is hard being a woman and is more hard being a woman living in Linden . Dem boys seh that dem getting fed up hearing bout attack pun dem woman in Linden .

Hardly a week does pass without some man ain’t tekking it pun heself fuh go to a woman house, especially when she husband ain’t deh home.

When de ting start, everybody claim how a serial rapist was at large. This so-called serial rapist always had a knife and he didn’t frighten to use it. A woman get kill and de police suspect she husband. And while dem holding de husband this rapist strike again.

People start fuh point dem finger at a man who sick so till he can hardly walk. De police ignore dem till de man strike again. Then people claim how in de day time de man does pretend that he sick but when night come he strong.

De police pick he up and de thing ease down fuh two days then it pick up again and de same man still in custody. (more…)

Bearing the brunt of violence

Stabroek News – June 16, 2007

Concomitant with the upsurge in crime in Guyana, attacks on women have amplified. Some have been fatal; all have been traumatic. Meanwhile, women continue to face violent and sometimes deadly attacks in their homes at the hands of their partners.

In terms of criminal attacks, there were two cases this past week. On Monday last, a housekeeper at a home at New Diamond Housing Scheme was bound and strangled by elements bent on perpetrating a robbery, because she very likely knew them. On Wednesday, a Linden homemaker was attacked by a knife-wielding stranger in her own home. She fought with her attacker and was able to escape with her life, though she was slashed with the knife and will perhaps carry the physical and mental scars for life.   (more…)

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