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Dem Boys Seh – Is sex killing people in Linden

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on June 16, 2007
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Kaieteur News – June 16, 2007

Is hard being a woman and is more hard being a woman living in Linden . Dem boys seh that dem getting fed up hearing bout attack pun dem woman in Linden .

Hardly a week does pass without some man ain’t tekking it pun heself fuh go to a woman house, especially when she husband ain’t deh home.

When de ting start, everybody claim how a serial rapist was at large. This so-called serial rapist always had a knife and he didn’t frighten to use it. A woman get kill and de police suspect she husband. And while dem holding de husband this rapist strike again.

People start fuh point dem finger at a man who sick so till he can hardly walk. De police ignore dem till de man strike again. Then people claim how in de day time de man does pretend that he sick but when night come he strong.

De police pick he up and de thing ease down fuh two days then it pick up again and de same man still in custody.

Dem boys seh that it got to got plenty serial rapist because another woman get attack. She deh in she house and de man force he way trough a window. She seh that nutten ain’t happen but that she mek so much noise that de man run. But this one had a friend and de police been nearby.

Dem ketch this man but de friend get away.

Dem boys seh that times change. Long time since dem ketch one is like if dem been ketch all because de other one woulda talk suh fast dem would got to get padlock fuh he mouth.

De other day, another one strike. He tape up de woman mouth and he had a knife. He even try fuh get under de woman clothes but she fight. He run away.

Dem boys want fuh know is wha happening in Linden . Is either some sex starved men from town going to Linden and causing de confusion or dem Linden men got a serious problem approaching woman normally.

De police still searching, just like how dem searching fuh a man who dem seh kill a woman and lef she in a sand pit. Is a strange place, Linden , because it hard fuh ketch people. Is like if somebody go to Linden dem whole face does change and de police don’t know dem.

Is not that men in town don’t try fuh rape dem women but town is a strange place and you can’t gamble that de gyal you gun rape ain’t got something fuh give you back.

Dem boys want fuh know if dem man ain’t frighten AIDS. Just fuh prove a point dem can sign dem death warrant. But then again, some of dem same man might be spreading de thing.

You got to ask if de whole country gone mad. You have men who troubling li’l gyal and nutten much ain’t happening. In de United States dem have a 17-year-old boy who perform oral sex wid a 15-year-old gyal. He get ten years jail and is now some people begging that he get release. He done spend two years.

Dem boys seh that de US serious bout underage sex and dem don’t care whether de boy underage or de woman underage although dem ain’t charge no underage woman fuh having sex wid an underage boy.

Dem boys seh that dem charge big woman though. Dem had a teacher who mek two children fuh a li’l boy who coulda be she son and she get jail. De fuss time she go to jail she didn’t learn she lesson suh she come out and go back to de boy again. Is more jail.

Then you had de Guyanese woman who mek mischief wid a four-year-old boy. Well dem boys seh that she gun get a long time in jail. Imagine she tell de judge how this li’l boy play wid she breast and she get horny.

Dem boys seh that something wrang wid she and that de judge should put she in a jail wheh dem have real men. Bet she wouldn’t trouble another li’l boy. But is people like dem you got to wonder wha does happen in some house wheh people does keep other people children.

You even got to wonder wha does happen in some of dem school because according to dem boys, dem gyal don’t want boyfriend because dem claim dem is Christian but dem does get de urge suh dem got to have an eye on dem li’l boy.

De whole world like‘ it tunning pun sex and dem boys watching.

Talk half. Lef half.


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