Women's Issues In Guyana

Man suspected in attacks on Linden women held – trapped at night club

Stabroek News – June 23, 2007

A man suspected to be one of a number who has been attempting to rape women is now in police custody in Linden after wounding a rural constable.

According to information reaching this newspaper residents and community group members were on the lookout for the man at a popular night club ‘Black Face’ after one of his alleged victims said that she saw him on more than one occasion there.

The woman who said that she was attacked in her Wismar Housing Scheme home recently had said that she could have identified the man and community members were on the lookout for him. “We came out at Black Face Tuesday night fuh ketch he but he didn’t show up.” However he did turn up late Thursday night according to an eyewitness and when he did the dance ended.

Upon recognizing the man, the group, mainly women, surrounded him and raised an alarm. Everyone in the club came out and dealt the man a full share of blows. He was then apprehended by a licensed firearm holder who is also a Rural Constable. It was reported that the constable was in the process of questioning the man when he asked him if he had any weapon. In an attempt to search the accused he pulled out a long knife and wounded the constable across his chest. However the chain the man was wearing prevented the blade from causing serious injury.

However, the group was not intimidated by the wielding of the knife and they apprehended the man and took him to the Wismar Police Station where he was taken into custody.

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