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Call to women in Guyana

Posted in Activism,Crimes against Women by wiig on July 10, 2007
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Guyana Chronicle – July 10, 2007

Dear Editor,

IT IS with a feeling of absolute rage and deep sadness that I write this letter.

This is a call to the women of Guyana. What will it take for you all to stand up, raise your voices and use your power to put an end to the brutality, murders, rape and downright disrespect being committed against you daily?

Every day I read the Guyana newspapers and as a Guyanese woman, I’m appalled and amazed at how little value there is for a woman’s life in Guyana. Every day there are many instances of domestic violence — brutal rape and molestation of children as young as 4 years old, attacks on women by strange men and men with whom they are in relationships and yet nothing much seems to be done about this.

I know that men will not change this behaviour until the consequences become more severe. The laws need to change to protect our women and our children. Women, you have to fight, you have to go to law makers and you have to stand together to make sure that this stops.  

Yesterday we read of a police officer being murdered in front of her home by a supposed “jealous” boyfriend who is also a police officer. What will happen to him? Whatever that is, I promise you it will not fit this crime. I don’t care what a woman does; there is no reason for it to end this way.

Women — please know that putting an end to this will consequently be up to us. When a man disrespects you, verbally, emotionally, and ultimately physically abusive, he will do it again and until you stop it by defending yourself and removing this person from your life, it will continue until he ends your life. Recognise the signs.

I’m sure this woman saw the jealousy in this man but thought nothing of it and today her child is without a mother.

It is time to take a stand my sisters.


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