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Woman stabbed in the back by man who jilted her

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on July 31, 2007
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Stabroek News – July 31, 2007

A man who jilted a woman, practically at the altar, earlier this year, last night plunged a knife in her back in what relatives believe was revenge for her reporting him to the police over repeated acts abuse.

Amanda Hubbard, 24, of John Street, Lodge was in a critical condition at the Georgetown Hospital last night after doctors pulled out the knife which was buried almost to the hilt in her back. Her assailant, up to press time, was on the run.

Noel Hubbard, the woman’s father, told Stabroek News last night that some time after 9 pm, he took his daughter home. He said when he rode into the yard, the father of his daughter’s child appeared.

“He seh ‘what happen big boy’ and I said everything cool,” Hubbard related.

The man said his daughter was halfway up the steps when the man told her that he was there to collect his birth certificate. He said Amanda did not respond to man, instead she asked her father whether she should pick up the washing; clothes were hanging on the line.  

Hubbard said both he and the assailant agreed that she should pick up the clothes and the man volunteered to assist her. He said Amanda went upstairs collected the clothesbasket, as well as the man’s birth certificate. At the door, she handed them both to the father of her child.

Hubbard said the man took the birth certificate and placed it on the steps and proceeded to pick up the clothes. He said he then went upstairs into his room.

Hubbard said he had just entered his room, when he heard his daughter screaming and on checking he saw the man running down the steps. He gave chase, but the man eluded him, caught and taxi and disappeared. Hubbard then escorted his daughter to the hospital where she was being treated last night.

Asked whether the couple had problems in the past, Hubbard said the man had promised to marry her earlier this year and never showed up on the wedding day. He said that they had done all the preparations expending huge sums of money to prepare for the wedding. He said his daughter was devastated and so were other family members.

Despite jilting her, Hubbard said, the man continued to pursue Amanda who had indicated to him that she wanted nothing more to do with him.

He said Amanda had also made several reports to the police and had visited Help and Shelter.


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