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Lindeners use Emancipation Day to protest women, child abuse

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on August 3, 2007
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Kaieteur News – August 3, 2007

Emancipation Day observances in Linden took a unique slant on Wednesday, as the Regional Women’s Affairs Committee staged its first ever “emancipation” march to protest the recent spate of violence and abuse of women and children in the community.

Regional Chairman, Mortimer Mingo, in his feature address declared, “ The history of the slaves’ valiant efforts to rid themselves of the scourge of slavery is well documented, and this wealth of knowledge of the hardships endured and battles fought, allows us to be truly appreciative of the gift that freedom from bondage represents.”

“However, these same lessons need to be transferred and to evolve in a manner, similar to the evolution of the new forms of bondage, that hold us captive; the physical and psychological abuse of our women and children.”

Mingo noted that it is unfortunate that even after achieving emancipation, people continue to perpetuate the enslavement of minds and bodies; especially those of our women and children.

He added that the regional administration needs to address the issue of persons who know of acts of abuse against “our most precious resource, our children and allow same to continue unabated”. He noted that those persons are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

Mingo admonished the gathering to remember the lessons of the struggle for freedom from slavery, and to apply them to ensure our total emancipation, from those other forms of bondage, that would seek to limit our enjoyment of life.

Interim Management Committee Chairman, Orin Gordon, reiterated some of Mingo’s sentiments and said that the issue of domestic violence requires urgent attention.

He later confessed his disappointment at the scanty turn out at the peaceful protest; which he claimed was probably due to the fact, that many victims and their families are somewhat ashamed, and sometimes feel stigmatized as a consequence of abuse.

In recent times, women, and to a lesser extent, children of Linden have been the unfortunate victims of many forms of abuse and murder, many times at the hands of those they love and trust.

President of the Regional Women Affairs Committee, Valerie Adams, who organised the march, said that domestic violence has effects not only on the victims, but also their families, and even the perpetrators.

Even though small in numbers, participants of the Emancipation Day march who came from all walks of life, certainly demonstrated in no uncertain manner, their intolerance and abhorrence of any, and all types of abuse.


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