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Sexual offences overwhelm Turkeyen Police Station

Posted in Law Enforcement by wiig on October 15, 2007
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Kaieteur News – October 15, 2007

Sexual offences involving teenaged and other under-aged victims are on the increase in the Sophia area, according to police reports.

Sources at the Turkeyen Police Station told this newspaper that almost everyday there is at least one report of sexual assault. In most of these cases the victims are under aged girls.

According to a source at the Turkeyen Police Station, the Sophia area could be labeled as a depressed area. Most adults there are single parents and in most cases have to leave their children unsupervised at home to go out and make a living.

This breeds discontentment on the part of young girls who often fall prey to unscrupulous men who take advantage of the situation.

According to the source, when the parents find out, they do report the matters to the police who have been adopting a no settlement policy.

“We don’t settle matters here; we send them to court. This area is full of sexual assaults and we won’t condone any settlement,” a rank attached to the Turkeyen Police Station told this newspaper.

At present there is only one female rank stationed at the Turkeyen Police Station and there have been calls for additional female ranks to deal with the upsurge of sexual offences.

Officials of the Ministry of Human Services have lamented the fact that most parents of victims opt for out of court settlement, citing economic constraints.

“Parents are not showing too much outrage over these incidents,” a Human Services Ministry official observed.


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