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Man kills wife in daughter’s presence

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on October 29, 2007
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Kaieteur News – October 29, 2007

Three children were forced to sleep through the night even as their mother’s body lay mere inches away after she had been brutally stabbed to death by her reputed husband.

Kamal Doonwah, 47, of Bladen Hall North, East Coast Demerara, was stabbed seven times in her stomach, while her three children, nine-year-old Shivanie, seven-year-old Naleesha and five-year-old Navindra Samaroo lay sleeping in bed.

The eldest child awoke just in time to see her father inflict the final wounds before he fled the house.

The incident occurred some time between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The child and her siblings waited until daybreak to inform their neighbours.

Police have since detained Doonwah’s reputed husband and a woman.

Recalling the ordeal, nine-year-old Shivanie said that she was awakened by her mother’s screams.

She said that when she opened her eyes she saw her father stabbing wildly at her mother.

“Mi jump up and see mi daddy and me holla and me see he jukkin’ me mumma,” she added.

According to her, when he was finished he wrapped the knife in a piece of cloth and threw it on the bed and ran away.

The child said that she awoke her two siblings and alerted them that their mother was dead. They all stood helplessly watching their mother’s lifeless body in a pool a blood lying next to their bed.

Shivanie claimed that since the house was in darkness, they were afraid to venture out to inform neighbours of what had taken place.

As daylight set in, the eldest of the three children went over to the northern neighbour and told her what had happened.

Neighbours claimed that they were unaware that something so tragic had occurred since the music from a nearby wedding house had drowned out any sound that Doonwah might have made.

According to the neighbour who operates a shop, when she saw the child she at first assumed that she had come to purchase cigarettes for her father which was a usual morning routine.

But she said she got the shock of her life when the child informed her that her father had stabbed her mother to death.

The police were immediately informed.

“We didn’t hear nothing last night because of de wedding house music but even if we did hear we woulda think that is de normal beating,” the neighbour stated.

The neighbour said that it was only when the police arrived that she ventured into the house and saw Doonwah lying in a crouched position on her bedroom floor.

Neighbours described the couple’s relationship as an abusive one with constant fighting almost every night since they claim that the dead woman was an alcoholic.

One neighbour told this newspaper that Doonwah’s reputed husband had previously threatened to kill her.

The neighbour recalled that in January, Doonwah’s husband tied a rope around her neck, dragged her down the stairs and forced her to lie in an ants’ nest.

Then, a few months later, Doonwah received a severe beating that landed her in the hospital.

All of this went unreported until Doonwah met her demise.

Kaieteur News understands that police, acting on information, went to the Strathspey home of a woman with whom the alleged killer is friendly and detained them both.

There are reports that Doonwah’s husband attempted to flee but changed his mind when the police threatened to shoot him.

Investigations are continuing.


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