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Human Services, Home Affairs ministries take on paedophiles – Lament schoolchildren’s ‘double-up’ arrangement

Posted in Legislation by wiig on November 10, 2007
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Kaieteur News – November 10, 2007

The Ministries of Home Affairs, Human Services and Social Security have teamed up in an effort to tackle sexual molestation, especially paedophiles, and are lamenting the new ‘double-up’ initiative by minibuses.

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee said the ministries are now working in tandem to intensify the campaign against child molestation.

“We are continuing our co-operation of these matters but from a general perspective, in terms of reining in the activities paedophiles and perverts who are preying on innocent children who may have strayed, gotten lost, or may be wandering, obviously this cooperation must be intensified,” Minister Rohee said.

The Minister’s comments came in wake of the grisly murder of nine-year-old Sade Stoby of Mocha/Arcadia, East Bank Demerara, who was beaten, sexually assaulted and left to drown in a ditch near her home.

He added that the police have been asked by the Human Services Ministry to provide a detailed report on the incident.

“We should have a zero-tolerance in respect to paedophiles and perverts…And parents and all law-abiding citizens must be on the lookout for such persons,” Minister Rohee emphasised.

At the height of a massive police operation targeting reckless road users, Minister Rohee said that information he has received suggests that paedophiles are also practicing their objectionable behaviour aboard minibuses.

The minister lamented the recent arrangement between drivers, conductors and passengers to offer school children what is called a ‘lap space’ in buses

“Some information has recently come to my attention where as a result of the police campaign to promote road safety which has impacted on the minibuses that there was some kind of arrangement…meaning that these school children will sit on the laps of adults,” Minister Rohee noted.

He said the practice is totally unacceptable since it is improper to have children whether male or female, sitting on the laps of strangers.

“It comes back to the question of paedophiles and perverts driving around in buses only to engage in activity of a perverted nature and in the same way that we oppose it in other developed countries (child molestation) we should oppose those things in Guyana ,” Minister Rohee stated.

While empathizing with parents, who sometimes find it difficult to meet the required minibus fares, Minister Rohee noted that the final decision rests with parents.

“Parents must decide: do they want to pay the full fare or subject their children to such activity? I think all parents should go with the latter,” Minister Rohee remarked.

He added that it is this type of culture that springs the manifestation which Guyana has been witnessing recently.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security Priya Manickchand is conducting a three-month countrywide consultation on the Paper on sexual violence titled “Stamp it Out”.

This will allow for the draft Bill to be laid in Parliament between January and March 2008.


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