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Boyfriend douses lover with acid – attacker in hiding

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on November 11, 2007
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Kaieteur News – November 11, 2007

A 21-year-old woman is now hospitalized and is likely to lose her sight after she was reportedly doused with acid by her abusive ex-boyfriend yesterday morning.

Joy Bartholomew, of Lyng Street , Albouystown, was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), sometime after 11:00 hrs yesterday, with severe burns to the face, head, neck and shoulders, and was treated immediately before being admitted to the hospital’s Burns Unit.

Relatives yesterday related that the incident is the result of a tumultuous and abusive relationship in which the woman was involved with a man referred to as ‘Mickey’.

According to sources, the woman had endured a two-year relationship with the man, during which he would constantly beat and otherwise ill-treat her.

One relative said that just last week the woman received the worst beating of all, which left her with a swollen face and injured arm.

This prompted her to move out of the Lyng Street home she was sharing with the man, and take up residence at an aunt’s home in Barr Street , Albouystown.

The relative said that since the woman moved out and severed ties with the man, he has been molesting and tormenting her as he tried to persuade her to return to the home they once shared.

It was reported that, yesterday morning, the man went to the Barr Street home with a bottle of acid and drenched the woman as she was coming out of an outside bathroom after having a bath.

“She just go there to cool she head a bit, cause she needed a break, and that is what he do,” one relative lamented.

Reports indicate that the man ran away after committing the crime and has been in hiding since.

The aunt was said to be washing clothes in the backyard at the time of the incident. Yesterday, relatives and friends of the woman gathered at the GPHC as they anxiously awaited word on her condition.

Many agitatedly paced the corridors as the woman’s agonised cries of pain rang out from within the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Unit.

While some commented on what they described as ‘the beastly ‘demeanour of the man, others wished him a dreadful end.

Up to press time, police were still looking for the fleeing assailant as they continued their investigations.

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