Women's Issues In Guyana

Strange increase in sexual violence

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on November 14, 2007
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Guyana Chronicle – November 14, 2007

I find it strange that with the ongoing consultations, with regards to strengthening protection for victims of sexual violence in our society (Stamp It Out), there seems to be an increase in the prevalence of those crimes.

Two weeks ago a nine-year old from Mocha was sexually assaulted and murdered, last week three boys aged 7 years from a City school were sexually assaulted by a vendor in a van parked by the school, there is now the report of a boy being molested in a church at Goedverwagting.

I would hope that these reports are not an indication of an increase in the crimes in our society but rather the willingness by more persons to report these incidents with the end result being that criminals are made to pay for their crimes.

The implementation of the ‘Stamp It Out’ campaign therefore has begun to bear fruit. It is left now for the new laws to be formulated and implemented so that there will be added protection for victims and stiffer penalties for perpetrators.

I call on all Guyanese and Members of Parliament from both sides of the House to support this Bill when it goes to Parliament and have these new laws in place quickly.



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