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Put aside differences on serious issues

Posted in Commentary,Legislation by wiig on November 19, 2007
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Guyana Chronicle – November 19, 2007

ON November 7, Stella wrote a column in Kaieteur News in which she encouraged the naysayers of Guyana to be objective and to support the recent endeavors by the government to finally make some positive steps for the people who elected them. One of these efforts is Minister Manickchand’s consultation paper addressing sexual violence in Guyana.

Mr. Kissoon responded to this in his column, “Reckless mind: The decline of Stella Ramsaroop” (Kaieteur News, Nov. 11, 2007) by pointing out that “many policy papers like Ms. Manickchand’s are gathering dust on some obscure shelves.” While this is true, I think it’s irresponsible to not give the good Minister the benefit of the doubt that maybe she can be the one to finally make a difference on this issue. Have we really lost all hope that we automatically assume the failure of such endeavors?

Freddie then expands his view of this paper in his column “Stella’s epistemology” (Kaieteur News, Nov. 18, 07) where he refers to the fact that “some inconsequential, frivolous paper from Minister Manickchand’s Ministry on sexual molestation prevention got Stella excited.” Inconsequential? Frivolous? Nothing could be further from the truth. This Paper is a valiant attempt at being as comprehensive as possible in developing new legislation to protect the citizens of Guyana.

I fully support Stella’s encouragement that the people of Guyana put their differences aside when it comes to serious issues as this one and support the efforts of the current administration in taking the necessary steps to protect all of its citizens. There are times when we should put our role as critical commentators aside if it means doing something good for Guyana. After all, what is the purpose of critical thinking if not to make a difference for the people of Guyana? Mr. Kissoon is in danger of clearly demonstrating he’s only consumed with being “critical” (as Stella pointed out in her columns) by applying that criticism to a Paper and issue to which he should give his support.



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