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Mothers’ Union AGM tomorrow

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Kaieteur News – January 27, 2008

Under the theme, ‘Time for Relationships’, the Mothers’ Union in Guyana will be hosting its Annual General Meeting, tomorrow and Tuesday, at Hotel Tower. This year marks 82 years of the organization’s existence here.

At the end of the two-day session, there will be a launching of a ‘Medical Assistance Fund.’ This fund is set up to help persons who are in need of medical assistance but cannot afford the cost.

At the event also, there will be the presentation of the president’s report, reports from regional officers along with financial reports.
Former Head Mistress of the Bishops’ High School, Rev. Maureen Massiah will be the guest speaker at the event.

Development of branches and plans for the year ahead will also be discussed. (more…)


GWBA doing a fantastic job – Sports Minister

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-Ministry to offer more support
Kaieteur News – January 25, 2008

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport: Dr. Frank Anthony yesterday lauded the efforts of the Guyana Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA) to popularise the women’s version of the sport in Guyana.

The minister extolled the association during a courtesy call at his Main Street office yesterday to formally update him on the body’s inaugural participation at the Gillian Brazier Basketball Shoot–Out in Antigua from January 17–20. “They are doing well; the girls are excited and the manager and coaches have been doing a fantastic job,” Anthony said, adding that if the association can inspire more women to play the sport, it would be to their advantage.

The team, which was coached by Mark Agard, Abdullah Hamid and United States–based Carolyn Harvey–Mounir and managed by GWBA facilitator: Michaela Burnette, placed second in the four–team tournament in Antigua. (more…)

Sexual offences dominate consultation with religious bodies

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Kaieteur News – January 24, 2008

While some police officers do an excellent job at assisting rape victims, there are others that do ‘very crappy’ work, says Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Priya Manickchand.

The Minister was at the time speaking with religious leaders from different organisations, who turned out in their numbers yesterday to be part of the ‘Stamp It Out’ consultation hosted at the Ethnic Relations Commission.

She says that some police officers ask victims all sorts of ‘foolish’ questions, intimidating them even as they are making their report.
The Minister says that there are deficiencies with both the police and judicial systems when it comes to dealing with issues of rape. After a brief presentation by the Minister, members from the various organizations made their contributions to the proposal to strengthen protection against sexual violence.

Attitude change, Minister Manickchand noted, is very necessary in Guyana’s society. (more…)

Female prisoners cry victimisation because of sexual preference

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…matter of policy to isolate predators from general population’ –Erskine
Kaieteur News – January 22, 2008

Three prisoners at the New Amsterdam Female Prison are alleging that they are being victimised because of their sexual preference. They are also alleging that the perpetrators of the act of victimisation are senior officers (names provided) at the institution. The women claim that when they report the incidents to the officer in charge of the prison they are penalised.

They are also alleging that they are forced to sit on the floor of their cell to eat, and indicated that their cell is in close proximity to that of another inmate who is of unsound mind and who urinates and excretes on the floor, with matter flowing over to their cell.

The women also accuse the authorities of segregating them from other prisoners when it is time for them to have showers and meals, and further, they are not being allowed any sunlight or exercise. (more…)

Female Parliamentarians discuss sexual violence

Kaieteur News – January 19, 2008
by Danielle Campbell

Participants who attended the first-ever Female Members of Parliament (MP) Conference, recently, said they are committed to the fight against sexual predators and their devastating clasp on society.

The decision-makers were at the time offering their take on the “Stamp it Out” proposals pioneered by Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Priya Manickchand.
The paper was compiled by the Ministry of Human Services and is aimed at revamping the laws against sexual violence and strengthening protection for victims.
The women congregated last Wednesday at Cara Lodge, on Quamina Street, for the discussions held under the theme, “Women of One Cause”.

Among the attendees were PNCR legislators Deborah Backer, Clarissa Riehl, Africo Selman, Amna Ally and Volda Lawrence; former Human Services Minister Bibi Shaddick; Amerindian Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues; Indra Chandarpal; Minister within the Ministry of Finance Jennifer Webster; Philomena Sahoye-Shury; and AFC member, Sheila Holder. (more…)

Over 200 women complete leadership training

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Kaieteur News – January 16, 2008

The capacity-building workshop organised by the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute (GWLI) has concluded with over 200 women completing the training programme.

The project, under the theme, “Capacity Building for Skills Advancement and Leadership” targeted women’s group in the 10 Administrative Regions except Regions Seven and Eight.

The workshop which catered for 40 women and girls in each region provided knowledge and information to develop and enhance their leadership capacity, its aim, also, was to improve participation and influence decisions that affect women’s lives outside the broader family domain. (more…)

Women’s b/ball team named for Antigua tour – beats male team in warm–up game

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Kaieteur News – January 15, 2008
By Edison Jefford

Guyana’s national women basketball team will leave tomorrow morning for Antigua with all the confidence they need to succeed on their historic and inaugural trip to the Gillian Brazier Basketball Shoot–Out.

The Guyana Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA) headed by former national senior player, Michaela Burnette has made significant strides toward developing the women’s version of the sport since its launch last October.

The association got a reward for its hard work and investment into the team Sunday night when the composition completely outplayed Pepsi Sonics’ Division Three male team at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

It was an acute display of both offence and defence that sent a warning to the Antiguan teams scheduled to play at the Gillian Brazier tournament. From all indications, Burnette was satisfied with the team’s performance. (more…)

I applaud Ms. Burton’s effort and her courage

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Kaieteur News – January 14, 2008

Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr. Roy Ramroop’s letter in SN, (“Some other issues that concern the workers”), 11-01-08.

His letter seems part of an orchestrated effort to discredit Ms. Burton publicly and to blame her for things for which she is not responsible.
Ms. Burton has stated her position clearly (see SN Guyana Review Coming in from the cold Wednesday, November 28th 2007) and to suggest that she has not is just being mischievous.

Corruption is rampant in this society not only in Government but also in the trade union movement. Even political parties are not immune to charges of corruption. Mr. Ramroop’s letter does the reading public an injustice since it focuses on Government alone and leaves the trade unions blameless. (more…)

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