Women's Issues In Guyana

The treatment of a former First Lady is a national issue

Posted in Gender Equality by wiig on January 4, 2008

Stabroek News – January 4, 2008

Dear Editor,

Presidential security needs to let us know if from a national security perspective the former Mrs. Jagdeo should be left to rub shoulders with the various elements of society as she seeks to make her way home. And while we have never had a divorce or legal separation at the presidential level, the protocol office should let us know how the State intends to officially treat Ms. Singh.

France’s President Sarkozy and his wife divorced while he is still in office. Our protocol office should look into how France is treating their former First Lady and what, if any, provisions are being made by the French government for Mrs. Sarkozy’s safety and welfare.

The personal relationship between Mr. Jagdeo and his former wife is their business but the treatment of a former First Lady is a national issue of importance to all Guyanese.

We now have the opportunity to set a civilized and cultured precedent towards our former First Ladies, but so far I sense a tone (from certain quarters) of callous disregard, an uncouthness that is most unbecoming and certainly not a reflection of the refined manners one would expect in the corridors of power. “Personal bitchiness”, an attitude ascribed to certain office holders in government must not be allowed to become a national attribute.
Yours faithfully,

Justin de Freitas


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