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Are we on the road to self destruction?

Posted in Culture & Society by wiig on January 12, 2008
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Kaieteur News – January 12, 2008

Dear Editor,

History has shown that a society without a sense of justice or lawfulness, with its broader meaning of fairness, is on a road to self-destruction. As we read and hear of happenings, it is not clear that we have not already embarked on that unhappy journey.

Along the way, protocol, decency, time honored and respected conventions are with great ease thrown out of the national window. First, in Saturday Chronicle, one Kerwin Charles, instead of calling on the President to gracefully retract his statement that he is not dealing with His Worship, the Mayor of Georgetown but the Deputy Mayor and Town Clerk, he attempts to justify this impropriety. This utterly absurd statement should have been assailed by those who claim to be the guardians of our constitution, protocol; and sheer decency.

Whatever may be the difference between individuals, there must be the regard for office. So, according to Mr. Charles, if say Prime Minister Brown or Manning, or United Nations Secretary General is unhappy with some statement by Mr. Jagdeo, with great abandon, they can publicly state that they will now deal only with the Prime Minister or some Permanent Secretary. Senior people must always think of the wider implication of their statements.

Did our journalists and feature writers not pick up the ridiculous element on this immature remark?

Next, why did our Head of State get away with the uncaring and discourteous treatment of the First Lady? We heard of an agreed separation, but this is certainly not a divorce. Is she not still legally Mrs. Jagdeo?

Even if not the nuptial pledged accepted by some religions, is not capable of any violation – but where are those priests whose teachings are clear? Where are our women organizations? What say the women’s arms of the PPP, PNC etc?

What example is our Head of State setting for our male population?

Let us treasure our women and treat them with grace and respect.

On that score, the report on Saturday that the court ruled against Ms. Fernandes and the child she bore for Magistrate Rupert Trim is unbelievable, if not tragic. What has happened to the laws, which I recall the women’s Rights Socialist Movement (WRSM) abandoned in the late 70’s to protect those children we unhappily referred to as legitimate?

Where are those women and their organizations today on these two and other issues? Their silence, along with that of our religious leaders is defending something and that a certain moral decay has crept into the fabric of our society.

What about the report that a Presidential Guard was sporting and lost his gun on the seawall?

Why wasn’t he dealt with for improper behavior in the same manner like those that were with him?. Are Presidential Guards our latest sacred cows? What is this claim to a return to democracy when clearly the basic ingredients that make up democracy are diluted and mutilated?

Honorable Minister Kellawan Lall certainly has a perverted sense of humor and an enormous disrespect for all of us. He claims six (6) weeks after to have done nothing wrong. Why then a few days before his statement did the PPP Executive reprimand him?

The PPP top brass should be condemned for reprimanding this innocent, sober gentleman. Come on, the time has come for the President, Kellawan Lall, or as he is now known, Kellawan Gunlall and the PPP to apologize and come straight with our people. In the meantime, our religious and political leaders need to come out of their slumber.

Nigel Bacchus


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