Women's Issues In Guyana

Under age girls are exploited in these interior night spots

Stabroek News – February 14, 2008

Dear Editor,

It is interesting to note in the January 19, 2008 Stabroek News the report “Female MPs discuss sexual violence.”

Parents and teachers at all levels and churches have equal responsibility in setting proper standards in moral values and behavioural patterns. This issue is not a blame game, all must be involved.

The `Stamp it out’ proposal that was initiated and pioneered by the Minister of Human Services and Social Security is indeed a brilliant one.

In our Matarkai sub-region sexual violence is on the rise. There are two officers that are tasked or who have direct responsibility to look after such problems as sexual violence. They are the Welfare and Probation officers.

There are several cases I could mention but I will cite just one. On the January 9, 2008 there was an incident where the police brought out from “Big Creek” to Port Kaituma a minor aged 12 years (name given) who traffics her body for $5,000 per man. After investigation by the police it was discovered that her parents were nowhere around. She was however assisted while in “Big Creek by an aged relative who is a pensioner. She was subsequently handed over to the Welfare and Probation Officers.

Geographically, the Matarkai sub-region covers a very wide area, Port Kaituma, Matthews Ridge, Arakaka, Baramita, Five Star Bamboo Landing, Hima, Big Creek, Eye Lash and Konosee. At these locations could be found discos and karamoos, those are night spots which under-age girls frequent. If `Stamp it out’ is to bear fruit in this sub-region these officers should be provided with some form of transportation.

Yours faithfully,

H Roberts


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