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CARICOM calls for stronger commitments

Posted in Activism,Education,Gender Equality by wiig on March 8, 2008
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Guyana Chronicle – March 8, 2008

THE Caribbean Community (CARICOM) says there is a need for strong actors and even stronger commitments by the stakeholders to confront the ills facing women and girls.

In a message to commemorate International Women’s Day, the Secretariat said violence still remains a major cause of concern for women and girls and boys, with estimates showing that worldwide one in five women become a victim of rape or attempted rape and one in four women have been beaten or abused or will be during their lifetime.

“To achieve traction on issues such as violence against women, the prevalence of HIV and AIDS among young women, poverty and representation in decision-making bodies there is a need for strong actors and even stronger commitments by the stakeholders,” the Secretariat stated.

It said the facts are that women as a group generally have a higher incidence of poverty than men and within the CARICOM region, women’s participation in Parliament.

The Secretariat said this year’s theme “Investing in Women and Girls” reiterates the commitments made since 1995 on financing gender equality and the empowerment of women, a Millennium Development Goal.

“It has been asserted and it remains no less true that women’s empowerment is fundamental to the achievement of equality, development and peace,” the Secretariat stated.

To achieve that, it requires identification and mobilisation of resources from all sources and across all sectors, CARICOM stated.

The Secretariat said that it is essential then that adequate resources are provided to support the implementation of gender sensitive policies and programmes at the regional, national and local level that leads to a realisation of gender equality and empowerment of women.

“Addressing women’s inequality in employment, unequal access to productive assets and increased time burdens due to women’s unpaid work can help accelerate economic growth and pro-poor growth, “ CARICOM stated.


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