Women's Issues In Guyana

GAWU arm pledges more collaboration on women issues

Posted in Activism,Education,Gender Equality by wiig on March 8, 2008
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Guyana Chronicle – March 8, 2008

THE Women’s Forum (WF) of Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) has extended greetings to all representatives of females in Guyana on the occasion of the United Nations International Women’s Day 2008.

A release said the salutation is to all Guyanese women, in their personal capacities, including their singular noble status as mothers, wives, help mates, companions, sisters, nieces, aunts, grandmothers et al.

“Truly the Chinese are right when they proclaim that ‘women hold up half the sky,’ though the WF hopes it is not really so,” the release said.

It added that more appropriate is the local creole proverb: “Mother dead, family done.”

The message said such expressions are intended to illustrate the fundamental importance of women folk in this world.

“To that effect, as child bearers, despite all the advances in medical sciences and technology, there is no complete substitute for a mother’s care, expertise and love. No surrogate, no technology can replace the nurturing of a human female.

“But, sadly in Guyana and the wider world, women’s roles are hardly appreciated,” the WF observed.

The organisation said abuse of women, in all its manifestations, seems to be on the increase and noted that, just this week, UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki- Moon declared that stringent strategies and programmes, to eliminate abuse of the world’s women and girls cannot wait, cannot be postponed.

The WF said even the world’s modern plagues, discomforts and diseases seem to target the world’s vulnerable females.

The statement mentioned the HIV/AIDS pandemic and said lack of power not only means that more women and girls than men are affected but it translates into increased poverty for whole societies.

“It is, therefore, urgent that trade unions strengthen their capacity for tackling HIV/AIDS as a workplace issue, with a special focus on women and young workers,” the statement said.

The WF pledged to heighten its own involvement in programmes to combat HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetics and tuberculosis, in and out of the workplace.

“As a forum promoting gender awareness of trade unionism, women in agricultural and sugar sectors and leadership, GAWU also pledges to educate members on how to confront the social ills now present in Guyanese society, illiteracy, sexual discrimination, medical attention and employer abuse come to mind,” the statement said.

As a tribute to International Women’s Day 2008, the WF signalled its intention to collaborate, more actively, in pursuance of related issues, noting that GAWU has thousands of female members in the sugar, rice, seafood, beverage manufacturing, forestry and clerical sectors of the economy.


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