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Consumer Concerns: What has happened to news of women’s cricket?

Posted in Gender Equality by wiig on March 9, 2008
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By Eileen Cox of Stabroek News – March 9, 2008

On April 29, 2007, this column dealt with women’s cricket and carried the caption ‘All Stars Club had mastered women’s cricket.’ The article bemoaned the fact that nothing seemed to be happening in women’s cricket since the women’s group became affiliated to the Guyana Cricket Board of Control (GCB) on the recommendation of the International Cricket Council.

In the article I referred to an explanation that appeared in the Stabroek News on Thursday April 26, 2007. This was a letter by Terry Holder, Public Relations Officer for the Cricket Board. In the letter he pointed out the many initiatives taken by the GCB to keep women’s cricket alive.

Almost a year has passed and women who were active in cricket during the All Stars regime report that not much has appeared in the press relating to women’s cricket. We do see an occasional reference to some activity such as “Local females preparing for windball championships in Barbados.”

One newspaper recently reported that in International Women’s Cricket New Zealand was playing against India. This is of sufficient importance to merit a bold news item with pictures. Sports editors of the three weekly newspapers seem to be bypassing news of women’s cricket. Teams are practising in various parts of the country, but we hear little of them. Berbice has the strongest team with several members on the national team.

There is another dimension to this boycott. Some months ago the Republic Bank donated funds for under-16 cricket. When I enquired whether females were included I received a negative reply. Funds are available for cricket competitions for boys and men, but nothing for women. This is unfortunate.

In concluding my article on April 29 last year I mentioned that Dr Faith Harding would become involved in women’s cricket when she returned to Guyana. She is now with us again and keen to take up the reins. So let us see whether ‘women’s cricket’ will again occupy a place in the press as it did in the 1970s.

Here are some of the headlines that appeared at that time:

Merry Girls – and new era dawns in Guyana cricket

Merry girls due Friday

T/dad women’s cricket team for Berbice

All Stars’ Joni receives the Marlay Trophy

All Stars maintain their winning streak

Hermine is first woman to become Secty of cricket club in B’ce

Defiant Theresa saves Guyana

Merry Girls vs Nationals

Visiting Indian Team meets HC

All India cricket team in mini performance

India Club cruise to victory at Bourda

India Club tour climaxes in Draw

Ave Mogan on W.I. women’s cricket team

Four Guyanese women among top cricketers


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