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Red Thread condemns killing of Rawlins’s sister

Posted in Crimes against Women,Law Enforcement by wiig on March 13, 2008
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Kaieteur News – March 13, 2008

The Red Thread Organisation of Guyana is of the view that the recent killings in Guyana have failed to prove any point except to create terror and fear, especially in the minds of children.

Yesterday, Network Coordinator Joycelyn Bacchus said that killing the sister of Guyana’s most wanted fugitive Rondell Rawlins has also failed to profit the killer. Rawlins’s sister, Marcyn King, was shot in the chest on Monday by a lone gunman, who accosted her on her way home from work.

“We are deeply saddened at the killing, as we have emphasised in the past that we are against all forms of violence against women,” Bacchus stated.

She said that it is her firm belief that King was certainly not proud of her brother’s notoriety and may have even attempted to conceal her relationship to the wanted man.

“Two days before her killing, we celebrated International Women’s Day and we were advocating the value of a woman,” Bacchus said.
She related that society is sure to collapse without its womenfolk.

“If women decide that they are not going to reproduce or produce, then society will grind to a halt.” Bacchus stated that the constant spate of killings has left almost every Guyanese with severe emotional scars. She noted that minds are uneasy and persons are now bracing themselves for what is being touted as more reprisal killings.

“Our children are now looking out for the next massacre. This is affecting them emotionally, and they are particularly traumatised,” Bacchus said. She mentioned her personal experience with a juvenile relative, who fears even a knock at the door. “The Joint Services must find a way of getting these people and bringing them to justice,” the Network Coordinator stressed.

She added that the slaughter has only served to heighten an already tense and unstable society. Bacchus said many children are being deprived of their parents while the politicians score political mileage at everyone’s expense.

Addressing the PNC/R and PPP theory about the motive, Bacchus said, “They should stop looking at politics and start doing what’s in the interest of the country.” The PNCR has described the killing as retaliatory (tit-for-tat) for the Lusignan and Bartica tragedies, while the PPP claimed the hit was aimed at fuelling Rawlins’s anger to continue his campaign of terror.

Bacchus opined that the National Stakeholders Meeting organised after the Bartica slaying was “a good start” and a sensible approach. The Coordinator added that excellent ideas came out of the meeting, and should they be implemented they will work.

Bacchus suggested serious psycho-social intervention to aid the recovery process for all those affected. She advised that advocating for calm and helping victims to cope is the only way to stop the cycle of violence.

The Red Thread is calling on the ruling party and the opposition to come together and issue a national call for peace. The Police have reportedly linked Rawlins to more than 30 murders, including 11 at Lusignan and 12 at Bartica.


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