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Teen brutally murdered in Kingston…killer surrenders 50 miles away

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on March 15, 2008
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Kaieteur News – March 15, 2008

Police removed the body of a female teenager, bearing several stab wounds, from a Kingston apartment some time around 09:00 hours yesterday after they had received a call that there was a body in the house.
Reports are that the bloody remains were that of 18-year-old Stacy Ann Thomas, of 447 East Ruimveldt. The murder scene was a house at Duke Street, Kingston. The teen was reportedly stabbed by her boyfriend at his brother’s home.

A source said that the suspect reportedly called his brother informing him that he had stabbed his girlfriend and that she was in the apartment. This newspaper understands that having received the call, the homeowner went to his apartment only to find the teen lying in a pool of blood.

Police at the Brickdam Police Station were immediately summoned to the scene and the body was removed and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary.

Sources close to the investigation said the teen sustained at least eight stab wounds to parts of her body, including her neck, shoulder, abdomen and back. A screwdriver with a sharpened edge, believed to be the murder weapon, was also recovered in the house. This newspaper was also informed that the suspect is currently in police custody. Kaieteur News was told that the suspect, some time late yesterday morning, in the company of a relative, turned himself in at the Fort Wellington Police Station.

By afternoon, efforts were being made to have the suspect transported to the city.

Meanwhile, at the teen’s East Ruimveldt home, relatives and friends gathered to console each other. All expressed shock at her death.
Akeisa Joseph, a cousin of the deceased, revealed that Thomas survived a very abusive relationship with the suspect for the past two years. Joseph said she believes that the incident may have occurred because the dead woman wanted to end the association.

As recent as last week, Joseph recounted, her cousin was severely beaten by the suspect and the matter was reported to the police. “He (the suspect) beat she and after she tell me I carry her to the police and she mek a report. She even went to the hospital fuh a medical,” Joseph said.

However, Thomas decided not to pursue the matter after a female relative of the accused asked her not to.
“After that she come and tell me that she got clothes by he and I tell she lef the clothes, but (the suspect) still keep coming at the house,” the cousin told this newspaper.

The cousin further explained that after the suspect kept coming to the house, Thomas’s grandmother enquired what was going on and the teen indicated that she wanted to end the relationship with the suspect.

Recalling yesterday’s event, Joseph who fought to hold back tears said she was at home in her bed when a strange feeling came over her.
Joseph said she found it rather strange that her cousin did not come to visit her as was customary since her separation with the suspect.
“After she ain’t come I decide to go check she and when I reach, she sister tell he that she gone out with (the suspect) so I tell dem y’all lef she fuh go with he and y’all know every time she go out with he he does beat she. Is when y’all hear he do she something bad then it gon end”.

Having said that, Joseph who lives a corner away, said she went back home.

“Like five minutes later, she (Thomas’s) lil sister come running and tell me that Stacy get stab and she dead,” Joseph said in a broken voice. The cousin related that she immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where her worst fears were confirmed.
Thomas, whose mother died several years ago, is survived by her grandmother and three other siblings.


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