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Another bout of madness

Posted in Crimes against Women,Gender Equality by wiig on March 16, 2008
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Kaieteur News – March 16, 2008

The level of violence that seems to have pervaded the society is astonishing, to say the least. In fact it is frightening, and one wonders whether the society is not falling apart.

There are numerous organizations designed to help people live in a peaceful environment. There are those that try to instill in young people morals and self-discipline. However, there is nothing to help people with anger management, and the result is the frightening scene that is playing out before our very eyes every day.

A woman is shot as she wends her way home. The fact that she is the sister of Guyana’s most wanted man is of no consequence. The harsh reality is that a woman is gunned down execution-style in the streets.

Not long after, gunmen enter a West Bank Demerara home to execute a robbery. The women in the household put up a struggle and one of them is shot. Fortunately, she does not die.

Before the week is out, the Police find the skeletal remains of a woman who had gone missing for months. Suspicion was rife that she might have been kidnapped. The worst fears were realized when some people stumbled on her mortal remains. The skull was cracked, suggesting that someone had dealt her a severe blow with a hard object.

The nightmare does not end there; a teenaged girl is found dead in a house. She had been stabbed multiple times by a young man said to be her paramour, who turns himself in to the Police some fifty miles away.

Of course, these are not the only women killed in this country, but the frequency of such happenings in recent times should make the society sit back and take notice. Something is wrong –horribly wrong. We seem to have lost all sanity. We are no longer respectful for the so-called weaker sex, without whose presence life could come to a halt on this planet.

Gone are the days when young men were taught that a man who strikes a girl is a coward, so men are venting their spleen on women, often with fatal consequences; and many of these are not crimes of passion that have seen women visited with all manner of cruelty.

The society has already seen women as mere sex objects and child bearers. The vast majority of women in this country are single-parents, having shared their bodies with men whom they believed would have been faithful partners. Instead, as soon as the woman becomes pregnant, the man packs his bag and leaves the woman to fend for herself and her children.

We have developed measures to combat violent crime; the Joint Services have set up a special squad to hunt criminals, but there is no special squad to deal with the situation in which our women are being killed.

We have already seen that men in this society have relinquished jobs that were considered the male preserves, and given their absence from the homes, the women were forced to take up those jobs, sometimes at great personal cost. They are security guards who must man posts for long hours, in the process, sacrificing their homes and the welfare of their children.

In the Guyana Police Force are numerous women who, with the recent statement of in-lying, got caught up. Many with children could not visit their homes. One view is that this has placed a strain on numerous marriages. Having been made aware of this, the Guyana Police Force has amended its position, albeit slightly. It is allowing the women to go home at the end of the working day.

And so we return to this trend of visiting women with violence. It is time that some groups take the bull by the horns and begin to reorient the society into the acceptance of the importance of women. Until this is done, there would be no week without a woman being brutalized, and even killed.

Churches, youth groups and even men’s organizations should see this as a primary role. There is a government ministry that manages the welfare of the less fortunate, most of whom are women, but that could only be a stop-gap measure, since one needs to go to the root of the problem. And the root of the problem happens to be the orientation of the male child, a task that is left to the woman these days.

This madness needs to be stopped now, before it becomes another way of life in the same way gunmen take it upon themselves to prey on people at the drop of a hat. We have lost too many of our women already.


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