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Foreign Ministry, UNICEF formalise work plan for 2008

Posted in Gender Equality by wiig on March 18, 2008
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– focus on realisation of children’s, women’s rights and national goals

Guyana Chronicle – March 18, 2008

THE Annual Work Plan outlining the activities to be undertaken during 2008 by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in fulfillment of the organisational goals and objectives was yesterday approved and officially signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Rudy Insanally, on behalf of the Government of Guyana, and the Regional Director of UNICEF for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. Nils Kastberg.

Minister Insanally noted that the stakeholders involved in the formulation of the Annual Work Plan should congratulate themselves as the plan is for the benefit of all.

The Annual Work Plan which was developed by UNICEF and its national partners outlines the priority areas of focus for specific interventions. These include Public Policy and Child Rights, Child Protection, Child Survival and Development, which includes Quality Health Care and Education and Youth Development and Participation, including HIV/AIDS prevention.

This is in accordance with UNICEF’s mandates to continue to contribute to the global commitment of enhancing the realisation of children’s and women’s rights and in support of national goals.

UNICEF’s representative, for Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad, Mr. Johannes Wedenig, in a press release, noted that, “Priorities for this year include the development policy and legislative framework in conformity with the convention on the rights of the child and the reduction of the vulnerability of children to violence and abuse, including children in conflict with the law.”

He further noted that, “Ensuring universal access to birth registration services and ensuring access to child friendly protection services and legal redress consistent with international norms for children in detention or in conflict with the law will also be addressed.”

Kastberg opined that, “UNICEF at this point needs to redouble its efforts to encourage governments to translate their political promises into a greater and more equitable social investment, by disseminating information on public policies which demonstrate positive results for children, not only at the national levels but in the region as a whole.”

The Government of Guyana/UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation 2006 – 2010 is in its third year towards realising the aims and objectives for its five-year cycle.

Wedenig noted that, “Much progress for children was realised last year, with increased political focus on themes and public budgets related to children and adolescents.

In Guyana’s 2008 national budget under the sector of ‘Targeted social protection interventions’, a comprehensive child protection strategy will be established to implement a foster care programme to address the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.

The signing of this plan for 2008 signals the official commencement of projects and activities aimed at achieving specific programme results, via the Ministries of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Health and Legal Affairs.

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