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Post mortem on missing hotelier inconclusive

Posted in Crimes against Women,Law Enforcement by wiig on March 18, 2008
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Kaietuer News – March 18, 2008

A post mortem performed on the skeletal remains of hotel owner Roselaine Hall yesterday has still left questions in the minds of many as to how the woman met her death.

According to a senior Police source, the post mortem, which was performed by Dr. Neaul Singh, was inconclusive. Since the discovery of the body, yesterday was the first time the remains were shown to people close to the woman.

A senior Police source said the woman’s husband was not present for the post mortem. However, two of her employees were present, and they positively identified the remains by a broken tooth the woman had. Initially, the woman was identified by an employee who recognised the clothes found on the skeleton as those Hall was last seen wearing.

Initial reports had also stated that the skull was cracked, which suggested that the woman might have been struck on the head. However, sources close to the family told this newspaper that Hall was involved in a car accident and that may have been when she sustained that injury, since the post mortem was inconclusive. Hall’s remains were found on Thursday last in a track leading to the Emerald Tower off the Soesdyke/Linden Highway, almost two months after the woman mysteriously disappeared.

Shortly after her disappearance in January, the Police issued a wanted bulletin for Hall’s ex-husband, Alex Barker, who has not been seen since. The woman was reportedly last seen alive with Barker. At the time of the woman’s disappearance, her husband, Romel Rockerfeller, was in Trinidad and Tobago. The woman was expected to join her husband there a few days after she disappeared. Hall’s husband has since returned to Guyana to assist with investigations.


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