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Missing hotel owner: Samples from highway corpse for DNA testing

Posted in Crimes against Women by wiig on March 26, 2008
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Stabroek News – March 26, 2008

Samples have been taken from the remains of a female corpse believed to be that of Roselaine Hall, the hotel owner who went missing two months ago; and police have followed all the procedures to have a DNA test done to identify the body.

The body was discovered two weeks ago on the highway wrapped in tarpaulin. The clothing found with it was identified as that worn by Hall on the day she was last seen.

The cause of death of the female is also still not known since the post-mortem examination was inconclusive.

Hall, who went missing close to two months ago, was last seen in the company of her ex-husband Alex Barker, who was her chauffeur. Her current husband was reportedly out of the country when she disappeared.

Hall had apparently gone to her hairdresser and was supposed to have been going to visit a doctor because of difficulties she was having with her eyes.

The woman left with Barker, who returned to the hotel later that night and told staff that she had gone to Suriname and had given him the power-of-attorney in her absence.

After two days passed and they had not heard from her, staff got worried and made a missing person’s report about her. Yesterday, police confirmed that nothing has been heard from Barker since a wanted bulletin was issued for his arrest.


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