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Promoters use pageantry to exploit contestants

Posted in Culture & Society by wiig on March 30, 2008
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Kaieteur News – March 30, 2008
By Alex Wayne

There was a time when pageantry was viewed as a venture of high esteem. However, over the years, people have taken things for granted, and pageants of every imaginable nature have sprung up, with promoters being more concerned with financial gain than rewarding the contestants.

While participants of numerous pageants, after several months, still hope to receive promised prizes and gifts, others have given up in despair and the hosts have heave sighs of relief when they no longer have to worry about paying monies owed, finding promised trophies, or bringing to reality the lavish hampers bragged about.

Investigations by this newspaper have revealed that there has been an alarming increase in the number of pageants springing up around Guyana. Young girls are violated in that they are made to expose their bodies to entertain large raucous crowds, and they are left to wait long periods for prizes, and are ignored altogether.

The first ever Mr. Extreme Male Pageant, held a few years ago in Guyana, is a fitting example of ‘promoters ripping-off contestants.’
Some contestants still complain about not being able to receive their prizes. To date, the winner, Dwight Williams, is still waiting his prizes and he is being ignored by the male promoter, who it is said steers clear of the subject and ‘hardly speaks to him’.

This promoter, last year, attempted another pageant of the same nature, but maybe the participants in the prior one had passed the word around. That pageant never came off the ground, even though it was advertised in the media.

The Miss Region Four Fantasy Pageant, held in 2007, is another example of the ‘lewdness and indifference’ of some so-called entertainment promoters.

While the pageant, according to sources, was cancelled for no given reason, the queen, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been lamenting that the promoters are ‘only promising’ but not delivering the trophy and prizes.

A recent pageant held on the West Coast of Demerara last year was ‘utter confusion,’ as the show was brought to an abrupt halt by the promoter, who claimed that the contestants must first ‘give account for monies owed to him’ from tickets they sold for the event.

Added to that, the contestants were packed into a dressing room that was once occupied by poultry. In the end, they wept when the show was called off.

Word is out that most of them had their sights set on the motor scooter which was up for grabs. The 2007 Miss East Coast Pageant, held at the Victoria Centre Ground, was another catastrophe. A stampede broke out after Miss Belfield was declared the winner.

When the judges’ results were announced, supporters of Miss Buxton and other contestants dismantled the dressing room in rage and destroyed fixtures on the stage in their anger.

The queen had to be hoisted centrefield by relatives, who tried to save her from the stampeding mob. If our reports are correct, this queen is still awaiting several prizes promised to her. As one promoter said in a conversation, “Get some hot girls, let them bare a little skin, and the crowd will follow”.


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