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Mother may soon be reunited with abducted baby

Posted in Crimes against Women,Law Enforcement by wiig on March 31, 2008
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Kaieteur News – March 31, 2008

Alexis Bhagwandin may soon be reunited with her one-year-old son, Alex Cleveland McKenzie, who was abducted by his father about two weeks ago.

This is through the input of officers from the Bartica Police Station.

According to the grandmother of the missing child, Janice Glen, the family is now in possession of crucial information which could lead directly to the location of the child’s father and hopefully the child, who according to reports has become ill.

The woman said that last Saturday night she received a call from an aunt of the child’s father, who lives in Bartica, informing her that someone had spotted him and the child in an area called Tiger Creek.

According to Glen, a resident of the area had informed the aunt that her nephew had in his possession a young child who appears to be very ill and has since become plagued with sores.  

On realising that the information could be factual, the aunt then telephoned Glen urging her to hurry down to Bartica to rescue the child.
The grandmother said that she and her daughter have since mobilised themselves and will be heading to Bartica today where they expect to locate the man with the assistance of police officers.

She expressed optimism that though the journey to Tiger Creek will be long, it will be one that will be worth the while.

In an invited comment, an officer from the Bartica Police Station said that they are ready and willing to render assistance to locate the child despite the fact that certain key information have not yet been provided.

He said though that he anticipates that by Wednesday there will be some substantial breakthrough in the case.

The mother of the child had on Monday last brought the situation to the attention of this newspaper after she was unable to secure the desired assistance from police at a city station following the abduction of the child.

The woman had related that she was not in contact with the father of her child and was therefore surprised when he visited her Lot 3507 Stevedore Housing Scheme home on March 16 last creating an upheaval and then dashing off with the young child.

Alexis said that she is fearful for the wellbeing of the child since the man had on several occasions threatened to take the infant’s life.


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