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Man drives off with businesswoman’s car

Posted in Business,Crimes against Women by wiig on April 3, 2008
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Stabroek News – April 3, 2008

Three men last evening drove off with a businesswoman’s car and a bag containing an undisclosed sum of money, as she was walking up the stairs of her Sheriff Street home.

From all appearances the men had planned the carjacking since they were waiting at two separate locations nearby.

Stabroek News was unable to speak to the woman last evening for a comment and up to press time could not ascertain whether the car which was described as silver grey was found. Police were alerted shortly after the incident and investigations are continuing.

Reports received by this newspaper are that sometime after 6 pm, the woman, in the company of her mother – who is the owner of the Sheriff Taxi Service and two sons, pulled up in front of her home, which is located three lots south of the taxi service and next door to the Sheriff Night Club.  

The woman reportedly left her keys in the vehicle along with the bag containing money and as she and her family were making their way upstairs the men jumped inside and drove away.

One eyewitness said that he saw a strange man sitting at the front of the night club tapping his foot to the music. He said that the man went to a chair at the front of the business place and sat down.

The eyewitness said that the man was facing the road and was watching at the traffic as it passed. He added that the man was also looking at the businesswoman’s silver grey car which was parked nearby.

“All I see is he jump up, jump in de car and drive away”, the man said adding that the car is only about eight months old.

He told this newspaper that things happened very quickly and that the vehicle was parked for only a few minutes before the men drove off in it.

It is suspected that the man acted as a lookout for two others who were in a nearby Chinese restaurant and when the coast was clear, he reportedly clapped to alert the men.


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