Women's Issues In Guyana

Perhaps Rev. Gilbert should practice what he preaches

Guyana Chronicle – April 7, 2008

Dear Editor,

As I read Reverend Kwame Gilbert’s essay on societal structure (April 6, Guyana Chronicle) and the means by which he feels society is constructed and then reconstructed, I could not help but note the irony that the female contribution to society was completely neglected until the very end — as if nothing more than an afterthought.

Gilbert asserts in his essay that although Guyanese society was constructed one way by men of the past, it can be better reconstructed by men today. He refers to the contributions of men to society over and over again throughout his essay and only brings women in as he ends his writing.

It appeared as if he only realised – perhaps after proofreading his article – that he should have included women as reconstruction workers in a better Guyana (he never once acknowledged their part in the original construct).

If I may be so bold, the centuries of exclusion of women is one of the very social actions that should be reconstructed in society today. Rev. Gilbert had a perfect opportunity to demonstrate his point of working toward the motto he cited, “One People, One Nation, One Destiny” by showing inclusiveness to the women of Guyana. Instead, he treated women as they have always been treated – as an afterthought.

The exclusion of women from political and religious leadership positions is one of the most obvious explanations for any deficiency found in society today. Had the Reverend chosen to be more inclusive of women in his essay, all the way through the essay, perhaps I would have taken his desire for reconstruction of a new Guyana more seriously.

What I saw instead was someone preaching about something he did not put into practice himself.


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